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Dimension theme for the Bold and the 8900 Curve


dimensionHave a top of the line device but your heart belongs to the look of your good ‘ol 8700? See the new look of the Dimension theme with the latest and brightest smartphone displays on the market.

JLDesigns Head Developer Jake had this to say about this new old theme: “I wanted to let you know about another series of themes that I have that I think you might be really interested in! It’s called the Dimension Series, and is for the Bold and 8900. As I’m sure you know, all newer generation BlackBerry smartphones come loaded with just the Precision themes. While nice, many users miss the look and feel of the old default Dimension themes. I created these themes using the original fonts, icons, pictures, and styles for the Bold and 8900, and they all look great! There are four different versions: Zen, Today, L, and Bottom Dock.”