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BlackBerry Onyx 96XX leaked online



CB has posted leaked pictures of the BlackBerry Onyx (or “Driftwood”) that appeared on the forums. It’s being said that the device will be a part of the 96xx series and will launch some time September on T-Mobile.

From the looks of the device, it is an 8900, mixed with a bit of BlackBerry Bold. Overall, it looks like it will be the 8900 on 3G, which is great because EDGE just doesn’t cut it these days. Also, considering T-Mobile’s 3G network went live just this month, it would make sense for them to have a slick new BlackBerry to try it out with.

Here’s the alleged spec list:

* Camera
* Wi-Fi (no UMA support)
* QWERTY keyboard
* 480×360 resolution screen

Since the launch date is predicted for the fall, we may see this device launch at CTIA Wireless IT and Entertainment in the fall. WES 2009 was all about enterprise, and it’s clear that RIM is choosing a new strategy for device launches. It could be that they’re avoiding conferences all together now, and leaving device launches up to the carrier.