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Scanbuy announces BlackBerry compatability


ScanbuyScanbuy has announced that their 2D barcode scanning app for cameraphones is now available for BlackBerry. Using their software, you can now take pictures of particular barcodes similar to those being worked into airports with your Pearl or Curve to access related content like music, pictures and information. They’ve already got a bunch of partners doing some pretty interesting things with the technology, such as the Paris Metro which delivers point of interest and transit information using the barcodes, and Codilink who’s using it to deliver and redeem coupons. There are a lot of great opportunities for this kind of stuff, that’s for sure.

AT&T offering Valentine’s deal on red BlackBerry 8310


Red 8310As mentioned in the last BBCool podcast, AT&T has unveiled the red, GPS-enabled BlackBerry 8310 in time for Valentines Day. Until February 14th., you’ll be able to pick up one of these slick little numbers for a mere $99 on a two-year plan. For the ladies out there looking to woo some hapless gadget geek, this is totally the way to do it. More info over here.

BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 13


BBCoolSimon Sage goes over the holiday’s big BlackBerry news, namely new shots of the BlackBerry 8900, RIM’s stock taking a hit, new 8130 colours, and a smattering of international releases. Get your news right over here.(12 minutes)

I nixed the old iTunes feed since it was obviously not doing what it was supposed to, and started a brand new one which should be updated by the iTunes Store soon.

Canadian carriers getting a few new colours too?


PearlsThere are some rumblings that the new paint jobs recently gracing American carriers will be coming to Canada, too. An all-black and a pink BlackBerry 8130 should be coming to Telus sometime soon, with the possibility of a red one too. Wow, way to go Telus. Besides that a red BlackBerry 8310 might be coming to Rogers, too. Hmm, wonder what colours the BlackBerry 8110 will be coming out in?

Serbia gets the Curve and the Pearl


VIPVIP Mobile has lauched their BlackBerry service with the Vodafone’s BlackBerry 8130 and BlackBerry 8100 today, in what sounds like a vaguely MVNO-ish deal; either Vodafone’s just offering the devices and VIP has to deal with the service, or VIP is outsourcing the whole thing to Vodafone. Regardless, you can find more information on VIP’s GPS Curve and Pearl rates over here.

The BlackBerry Cool Wishlist


TreeChristmastime is rapidly approaching, and maybe that special BlackBerry-user in your life hasn’t been bought for just yet. Well, there’s still time and BBCool’s here to help you find something you know they’ll use and love. We’ve compiled a little wish-list of stuff we would personally like to see under the tree – presents we’re so sure of that we’re knocking 10% off all in-store items marked with asterix – just enter the coupon code BBHOLIDAY for your discount. I know, we’re giving y’all presents early again, but we just can’t help it.

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