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BlackBerry 4.7 JDE has been updated (BlackBerry Bytes)


BlackBerry 4.7 JDE

The BlackBerry 4.7 JDE beta that saw release in early October has received an update. The beta update includes device simulators much closer to the final Vodafone and Verizon BlackBerry Storm builds, as well as the final accelerometer APIs. Developers should expect the final JDE release in the coming weeks.

BlackBerry OS 4.7 JDE

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BlackBerry 4.7 JDE now available! (updated)


os 4-7 jde

UPDATE: In my rush to get this up last night, I forgot to tell you that RIM has started releasing device simulators separate from the JDE again. You can find the OS 4.7 and 7.6 device simulators at the link below:

OS 4.7 and 4.6 device simulator

Our good friend SingStar just tipped us off to the fact that the BlackBerry OS 4.7 JDE and simulator are now available! Hit the link below!

BlackBerry OS 4.7 JDE

My Man SingStar wanted me to point out that the 4.7 JDE features a really slick accelerometer API, so I’m hoping to see some BlackBerry software that rivals anything the iPhone 3G has done!


RIM getting in on motion-sensing?


TapStefano has spotted an Italian article which alludes to a new patent filing from RIM which would detect if you’re holding your BlackBerry in landscape or portrait orientation. Sound familiar? This patent would allow phone functions to appear when in portrait mode, and multimedia functions when in landscape. With all the talk about touchscreens as is, it feels like RIM’s researchers are clinging to Apple’s coattails, let alone with rumors of an accelerometer patent. In any case, nothing has been found after rooting through the FCC database, but if you find anything, be sure to drop a comment.

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