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Make Your Bold 9900 Incredibly Cute With The Bunny Rabbit Case


The Bold 9900 is a pretty amazing form factor. It’s big like the old Bold 9000 but the keyboard, trackpad and touchscreen give it a modern feel and design. If you want to do something fun with your Bold, why not turn it into a bunny rabbit? It’s the year to #BeBold after all.
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MicroVision Announces Micro-Projector SHOWWX with BlackBerry PlayBook Compatibility


SHOWWX playbook projector

MicroVision has recently launched a pretty cool micro-projector that has an HDMI connection, making it compatible with the BlackBerry PlayBook. The device is an ultra-miniature laser display that joins a family of pocket-size laser pico projectors. The device has a quick start feature that offers immediate startup and offers true display mirroring. According to the manufacturers, you can display images at sizes greater than 100 inches in a matter of seconds. Since the SHOWWX uses MicroVision’s in-motion laser display technology, the image doesn’t suffer from deterioration or “color break-up” that often occurs with other projection technologies.

SHOWWX+ HDMI is currently available in North America for pre-order on microvision.com and amazon at an MSRP of $369. A full suite of optional accessories, including spare batteries, extended HDMI cables, VGA docks, car chargers and carrying cases are available on the MicroVision online store and from authorized distributors.

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Otterbox Makes BlackBerry PlayBook Defender Series Case and It’s Huge


otterbox playbook defender series

While at the BlackBerry World conference in Orlando this past week, I was given the opportunity to check out all kinds of BlackBerry protective gear. The company that stood out the most to me was Otterbox. Being the klutz that I am, protective gear for my BlackBerry is always of utmost importance.

I was able to chat with Otterbox, who hooked me up with a black Commuter Series case for my Bold 9700, and a hard plastic stand for my PlayBook. What’s nice about their smartphone cases in particular is that they don’t add a whole lot of bulk to your phone. They’ve got a sleek style, and unlike some other smartphone cases, it doesn’t make my BlackBerry look like a half-morphed Transformer.
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BlackBerry PlayBook Accessories Lineup and Pricing Leaked


playbook accessories

Leaked slides are showing some upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook accessories and there are some fun cases, chargers and keyboards that are on their way. Keep in mind that MSRP (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price) is just that, a suggestion. These prices could go up or down. Here is a list of what we can expect.

BlackBerry PlayBook Charging and Advanced Portfolio (pictured above)

BlackBerry Rapid Travel Charger MSRP $79.99
BlackBerry Music Gateway MSRP $49.00 (July 2011)
BlackBerry High Capacity Folding Blade Charger $29.99
BlackBerry Mini Bluetooth Keyboard MSRP $99.00 (July 2011)
BlackBerry High Capacity International Charger MSRP $39.99
BlackBerry Rapid Charging Stand MSRP $79.99
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RIM Announces Built For BlackBerry Program for Accessory Manufacturers


YouTube Link

Today, RIM has launched a new program called Built For BlackBerry, which essentially allows certain accessory manufacturers to use the BlackBerry brand on their products. The program doesn’t offer anything new for the end user, but rather seems like a way to help certain brands differentiate themselves from the competition and leverage the BlackBerry brand to help sales. Members of the Built For BlackBerry Program include: Case-mate, Speck, Incipio, Otterbox, Tru Protection, iGrip, Vaja, Dicota and Trexta.
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CTIA 2010: Cool Accessory – Wilson Electronics’ Sleek Boosts Signal


wilson electronics

Are you ever on a long road trip and your signal keeps dropping? Well this year at CTIA, Wilson Electronics is showing off their suite of cell signal boosting devices. Their newest product, Sleek, is a cradle-antenna combo accessory that works with any mobile device. All you need to do is install the cradle and antenna then stick you device in the cradle and your signal will be boosted.

To purchase a Sleek go to this link.

To check out all the Wilson Electronics products head over to their website.

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