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RIM, Apple, Nokia, and others agree on micro-USB




Erik VanDrunen of RIM public relations had this to say about micro-USB: “A number of industry associations have endorsed micro-USB as a preferred charging standard, including the CTIA (in April 2009). RIM is committed to micro-USB as an industry standard because it’s smaller than mini-USB and supports the trend to thinner smartphones, without sacrificing features or capabilities.

EnGadgetMobile’s Thomas Ricketer on the current state of mobile chargers in Europe: “phone chargers, at the moment some 30 different types of chargers are used on handsets throughout Europe. Today, the European Commission received industry backing of its phone charger standard that relies on a micro-USB socket. The standard is now backed by all the majors (representing 90% of the European mobile market) including Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Apple, LG, NEC, Qualcomm, Research in Motion, Samsung and Texas Instruments with compatible devices starting to appear in Europe next year. Or course, the micro-USB charger standard already has the blessings of CTIA, OMTP, and GSM Association, which implies a broader adoption beyond Europe, someday. One charger for any mobile phone… where’s the catch?”

It seems that like mini-USB before it, RIM working to make sure that the BlackBerry data transfer and changing cable remain ubiquitous.

Via EnGadget Mobile

BlackBerry stand accessory discount and giveaway



BlackBerry Cool readers have the opportunity to get a nice discount on a BlackBerry stand accessory as well as we are giving away 20 free units for 20 lucky readers.

The New MobileRiser stands up your cell phone, iPhone, iPod or other mobile devices for viewing at a convenient 75°viewing angle. Easily stand up any mobile device. So thin you won’t even know it’s there. Watch movies on your device or just see who’s calling faster.

For a limited time, BlackBerry Cool readers get a $1.00 discount taking the price to $3.95.

To win a free MobileRiser, comment and tell us about the first mobile phone you ever owned.


Coveroo at Demo 2009 – Power User Edition



Our friends at Coveroo are presenting at DEMO 2009, a conference where companies launch in front of venture capital folks, bloggers and traditional media. In between the sessions, Coveroo was taking people’s phones and using their laser etching to customize attendees phones. Not one to pass up a cool deal, I handed over my Sprint BlackBerry Curve to go under the Coveroo (friggin’) laser (beams). About two minutes later, I had what you see above. Coveroo is now etching on about 60 new additional devices as of today as well as adding in finishes such as metal and glow in the dark. I’m quite pleased with the end product, check them out on their website and be sure to tell them that BlackBerry Cool sent you!


BlackBerry Storm/Curve 8900 1600mAh Extended Battery now available


Are you sick and tired of charging your brand new BlackBerry Storm or BlackBerry Curve 8900‘s battery every day just because you want to surf the mobile web, listen to some music and use BlackBerry Maps (oh, and answer an email or two)? Don’t get mad, get a Seidio Extended Life BlackBerry Battery!

Seidio’s new 1600mAh BlackBerry Battery adds up to 15% more capacity than your original Storm/Curve 8900 battery, giving you that necessary extra bit of juice to get through the day, and relegating your original battery to the ‘use in case of emergency’ pile.

Seidio is selling their 1600mAh Extended Life battery for the reasonable price of $44.95. You can find links to your device below.

BlackBerry Storm 1600mAh Extended Life BlackBerry Battery
BlackBerry Curve 8900 1600mAh Extended Life BlackBerry Battery


Top 5 BlackBerry Bold Accessories


It’s Wednesday, November 5th, which means by now Americans have finished waiting in two lines: one to vote and one to pick up their AT&T BlackBerry Bold. For our friends down south waking up to a new President and a new BlackBerry, we’ve compiled a list of 5 accessories you need to help maximize your Bold to the extreme!

MicroSD Card
Trust us, with all great multimedia features on the BlackBerry Bold, 1GB of internal memory isn’t going to cut it. We recommend the SanDisk 8GB MicroSDHC card (with a MobileMate Micro Reader) for all your image, movie and music storage needs. If the $60 8GB model is too much, there’s also a $50 4GB model available.

SanDisk 8GB microSDHC Card with MobileMate Micro Reader
SanDisk 4GB microSDHC Card

Bluetooth Headset
Even though the BlackBerry Bold has great call quality, most power users will still need a Bluetooth headset. Most people are vary particular about their Bluetooth headset, so instead of trying to find one to satisfy all your needs, we’ll just point you to the most popular line of headsets in the BlackBerry Cool Store: The Jabra Bluetooth headset line. Below you find links to the $70 BT8040 model and the $20 BT2040 model.

Jabra BT8040 Bluetooth Headset
Jabra BT2040 Bluetooth Headset

Top 5 BlackBerry Bold Accessories

Fresh BlackBerry Pearl cases from Speck


Speck Cases for the BlackBerry PearlSome new hard cases are now available from Speck for $24.95, sporting a very stylish array of colours including green, red, pink and crystal clear. Normally I find hard cases a little bulky, but these look very slim and snug, while also giving your BlackBerry a bit of colour. BlackBerry 8110, BlackBerry 8220 and BlackBerry 8330 cases ready to roll, but if you’re packing an older Pearl, the BlackBerry 8100 SeeThru case is still available. Head on over to Speck’s online store for a closer look.

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