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EA Acquires PopCap Games for $750M


popcap games

The mainstream, multi-platform game developer giant known as Electronic Arts has acquired PopCap Games, a major contender in the online world of casual and social gaming. In one fell swoop, EA came that much close to their goal of being worth $1bn. Earlier this week, PopCap and EA settled on an acquisition price of $750 million. While some analysts are questioning the high price of the acquisition,urchase, CEO of EA, John Riccitiello insists that the price was fair and just. “Acquiring PopCap extends the leadership we have established since the investment in our flagship casual site, Pogo. It adds to our momentum on the mobile and social platforms and accelerates us toward our goal of achieving $1 billion in digital business in FY12,” he said.
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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Talks About RIM Acquisition


steve ballmer

Pretty much as long as BlackBerryCool has been around, we’ve been hearing about the possibility of Microsoft acquiring RIM. In a recent interview, Steve Ballmer addressed the potential for an acquisition, saying the decision to build versus buy is a complicated subject. Would RIM even consider a buyout? With all their latest acquisitions and foray into tablets and new markets, RIM is surely in it for the long haul and focused on building a company that would could be too big to acquire. From the interview:
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RIM in Talks to Buy Social Business Profile Company Gist



Rumor has it that RIM is currently in talks to acquire Gist, a startup created by ex-Microsoft TA McCann. The company collects profiles about people in your business network by scraping data from sources such as Rapleaf. The social profile is displayed alongside when the contact emails you, much like Xobni does for your Outlook inbox. The acquisition could have some interesting implications for your BlackBerry Address Book, and perhaps the success of Xobni tipped someone off at RIM that this sort of social inbox should be native on the device. Overall, it looks like RIM is really ramping up its acquisitions.

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More Takeover Rumors: Cisco Could Buy Research in Motion?


cisco blackberry takeover

Analysts are all over the place with takeover rumors and the most recent is from a UBS analyst who says RIM could be the target of a takeover by Cisco. According to analyst Phillip Huang, Cisco and RIM have more synergies than with Microsoft, and a takeover could happen if RIM’s stock gets low enough.

“Though we see RIM facing many challenges, we see timing of (the) impact of some as overstated and believe material share devaluation from current levels make RIM a potential M & A (merger and acquisition) target,” Huang wrote in a research note.
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Makers of Time Tracking Software Momentem – Widality, Acquired by Wmode


terry hughes

Here at BlackBerryCool we’ve been working with Widality for some time. The company, formerly Redwood Technologies, makes a cool app called Momentem. Momentem is a time tracking app that lets users keep tracking off the time they have spent on a client for billing purposes. Widality’s President Terry Hughes, has had a few articles on the site and has always been a helpful source of information in the BlackBerry space.

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As part of the Widality acquisition, Wmode will accelerate investment in Momentem, and expand the application to embrace the Super App possibilities, as well as multi-language packages, and multiple platforms including support for the new BlackBerry 6.0 operating system.

Terry Hughes, President of Widality, is joining Wmode as Head of Market Development.

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A Few Reasons Why RIM Purchased DataViz and Documents To Go


rim dataviz acquisition

RIM’s recent acquisition of DataViz, the makers of Documents to Go, has been confirmed with an official statement to cnet. The statement reads:

“RIM has acquired some of the assets of DataViz and hired the majority of its employees to focus on supporting the BlackBerry platform. Terms of the deal were not disclosed but the transaction was not material to RIM in the context of RIM’s financial results.”

The terms of the purchase were not disclosed because DataViz was purchased for a rumored $50 million cash. There could be a few explanations based on market factors and what we’ve been seeing in the rumor mill that would lead to RIM acquiring DataViz. They are as follows:
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