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Google Acquires Canadian Smartphone Gaming Company SocialDeck



SocialDeck is Google’s latest acquisition and it’s very relevant for the BlackBerry world. SocialDeck is a company located in Waterloo, close to a Google regional office but close to RIM’s headquarters. Back in early 2009, SocialDeck received $250k in funding from the BlackBerry Partners Fund, who are probably very happy about their investment.
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BREAKING: Research in Motion Acquires Cellmania with App World Implications



Cellmania is a company based out of Mountain View, California, that specializes in providing infrastructure for digital rights management of downloaded content onto mobile phones, subscription billing, time and location based content management and billing integration onto customer bills. Basically, if you have an application or mobile content, you go to Cellmania to help with distribution over a large network of partners that you may not have had access to. Today, the company has been acquired by Research in Motion and according to the company, the acquisition is to “help strengthen RIM’s focus on mobile content and the BlackBerry ecosystem.” Perhaps there will be some integration with App World and Cellmania’s distribution partners, or perhaps this acquisition is for the human resources and development that could help App World. Either way, congratulations to the team at Cellmania on the acquisition.

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RIM Acquire Automotive Infotainment Company QNX Software


RIM just announced their acquisition of QNX Software, a company specializing in in-car infotainment. To get a better idea of what they do, just watch the above YouTube clip. In the product demo, they use an iPhone, but I guess that will be changing soon enough. If this acquisition is a means to get more connectivity with a BlackBerry and a car, then we should be seeing some interesting new software. Currently, RIM’s automotive offerings extend to the Visor Mount and some other Bluetooth accessories, but the major integration is through third parties. Given many states and countries are now implementing hands-free laws, this might also have influenced RIM’s decisions.

Read the press release here.

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Breaking News: Viigo Have Been Acquired by RIM


It’s very timely that here at BlackBerryCool we’ve been talking about RIM’s strategy of “build vs buy” and today the news crosses the wire that Viigo have been acquired by RIM. According to their CEO Mark Ruddock:

Viigo is excited to announce that our company is now part of Research In Motion (RIM).

Our team has joined RIM’s global organization and will continue to bring our expertise in BlackBerry® application development and real-time content delivery to the BlackBerry platform. The Viigo for BlackBerry app will also continue to be available for download through BlackBerry App World™.

I’d like to personally thank the deal teams on both sides for their hard work and dedication over the past few months in bringing this transaction to a close.

To the Viigo Team – a very special thanks to all of you for helping to build such an exciting product, and a wonderful company. We’ve arrived at this point today because of you.

Stay tuned because we’ll be talking a lot about Build vs Buy with Rob Woodbridge for Untether.tv.

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T-Mobile acquires SunCom


T-MobileT-Mobile, on the verge of releasing the BlackBerry 8320, has acquired SunCom for a cool $1.6 billion, thus increasing their customer base by 1.1 million. This should increase T-Mobile’s coverage in the southeastern U.S. after the whole deal is finalized, but will also give T-Mobile some service in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. SunCom shareholders will make off with $27 per share as a result of the deal, which ain’t too shabby at all.

Yet another RIM acquisition rumor


MicroRIMWord’s floating around about Microsoft acquiring RIM, but c’mon, we’ve heard all this talk before. Does it ever happen? No. BBCool’s set their stance on Microsoft in particular buying RIM, and especially rumors of RIM acquisitions in general. RIM’s stock showed a little blip as a result of the prospect, but it’ll pass. No doubt Microsoft is interested, but until talks are actually underway, let’s all just calm down a bit.