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TaskMailer for BlackBerry Makes Calendar Events from Emails


TaskMailer is a new app from S4BB that allows you to send tasks by email with an ICAL or VCAL task file attachment to any contact in your address book. Since version 2.0 it is now also possible to import such tasks into your BlackBerry task database right out of your BlackBerry Messages. While a $9.99 price tag is a little rich for my liking, the app has been discounted to $4.99 until February 19th which is a little more in my range.

Enterprise-grade address book Sensobi beta - 100 invites!



Sensobi is an address book for enterprise professionals. The address book will keep detailed information about your contacts including when you last spoke and what it was about.

The developers of Sensobi have worked hard to integrate it seamlessly with your BlackBerry. You can do anything with Sensobi that you can with your existing address book. If you add/edit/delete a contact in Sensobi or the default address book, it will reflect the changes in the other. If you sync your contacts with your PC Desktop Manager or Microsoft Exchange, Sensobi will pick up those changes as well.

The application is currently free and in the next few months, the company will be launching a premium version as well. The app currently works with OS 4.2 or higher (i.e., any that support App World), with the exception of the BlackBerry Storm. Storm support is coming soon.

Sensobi are giving BlackBerry Cool readers 100 invites. Just go to sensobi.com/form/bbcool and use the passcode bbcool.

StudentBerry helps berry-carriers hit the books


StudentBerryStudentBerry has been recently released, now letting go-getter academics keep close tabs on assignments and classes. Having been an arts student, I don’t know a damn thing about hard work or diligence, but surely there are some more business-like kids out there packing BlackBerrys and wanting to stay on top of their studies. Although it’s little more than a tweaked task manager, having things changed just enough for the student life makes it a nicely tailored piece of software. In the long run, there’s plenty of opportunity for close synchronization with BlackBerry’s native address book, calendar and tasks application. More info over here.

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