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e-Mobile Contacts v.2 for BlackBerry Reviewed!


I have trouble getting away from my BlackBerry Address Book. As simple as this stock application is, as basic at it looks, it simply works. E-Mobile Software Inc. has come out with e-Mobile Contacts, an app designed to give you an at-a-glance view of all of your contacts, and the option of contacting those in your address book by e-mail, phone or SMS – depending on the contact information you have stored on your device. I was pretty excited to get my hands on an Address Book replacement because of all the possible benefits of the user interface, and the potential this holds for speeding up the endless search for contacts. And from what I’ve seen of e-Mobile Contacts, the UI looks pretty clean. Perhaps I won’t have to type Xela Zsang’s name every time I want to get to her info!

e-Mobile Contacts v.2 for the BlackBerry 8100 Review Quick Links


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Manage BlackBerry contacts on your desktop


RolodexJosep pointed me to some free beta software in development on BlackBerry Italia dubbed simply Address Book Manager, which lets you export contacts from your BlackBerry as IPD files and edit them on your desktop. This software aims to let BlackBerry-only PIM purists handle desktop contacts without needing Outlook or other software. Regardless, Address Book Manager still lets you get your Outlook on by allowing XML address book exporting, so you can haul it into whichever app you like from there. Once you’re all done, you can import your contacts back onto your BlackBerry with the Desktop Manager. It’s still in beta, but worth taking a look at. (There’s a language pack too, for those of us who can’t read Italian.)