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Add BlackBerry contacts from your email with AddresSave



Our buddy Fabian just put out his latest app, AddresSave, which automatically takes contact info from your email and adds it to your address book.

As you probably know, there are other apps out there that do something similar such as Gwabbit. One thing I like about AddresSave, that isn’t included in Gwabbit, is the option to set a “block” list. With this option, you avoid unnecessary entries.

As this is a new application, it would be interesting to see how well it can sniff out redundancies over a long period of usage.

AddresSave is available for $1.49 until September 4th (normally $2.99).


Share your status with WhatsApp – A free BlackBerry app UPDATE



Often times you have a contact in your Address Book and you aren’t sure whether it’s a good time to call them. With WhatsApp, the question “What’s up” gets answered before you decide, so you know if it’s a good time.

Ideally, this system would be built into the BlackBerry Address Book, but for now we have a free app that works with others who have also downloaded the app. The app only gets better as more people use it, so consider using the “Tell a Friend” feature. It’s free so why not?

Download WhatsApp for free OTA by visiting http://www.whatsapp.com/bb/ from your BlackBerry Browser.

UPDATE: App World is having some issues today, but users can download from GetJar and there shouldn’t be any problem.


LaterDude Pro reminds you to get in touch with your contacts



LaterDude is a free application that lets you create events from the Call Log. The premium version, LaterDude Pro has been released and features some great new features.

LaterDude Pro is an application that reminds you to call, SMS or email someone by integrating with your native calendar. After installing the app, you always have the reminder options available to you in the menus.

You can populate LaterDude Pro from the following applications:

– Call Log
– Messages/email Application
– SMS Application
– Address Book

Just enter menu and select “Remind me later!” to set a notification. It’s easy!

Purchase LaterDude Pro for $2.95.


Enterprise-grade address book Sensobi beta – 100 invites!



Sensobi is an address book for enterprise professionals. The address book will keep detailed information about your contacts including when you last spoke and what it was about.

The developers of Sensobi have worked hard to integrate it seamlessly with your BlackBerry. You can do anything with Sensobi that you can with your existing address book. If you add/edit/delete a contact in Sensobi or the default address book, it will reflect the changes in the other. If you sync your contacts with your PC Desktop Manager or Microsoft Exchange, Sensobi will pick up those changes as well.

The application is currently free and in the next few months, the company will be launching a premium version as well. The app currently works with OS 4.2 or higher (i.e., any that support App World), with the exception of the BlackBerry Storm. Storm support is coming soon.

Sensobi are giving BlackBerry Cool readers 100 invites. Just go to sensobi.com/form/bbcool and use the passcode bbcool.


e-Mobile Contacts v.2 for BlackBerry Reviewed!


I have trouble getting away from my BlackBerry Address Book. As simple as this stock application is, as basic at it looks, it simply works. E-Mobile Software Inc. has come out with e-Mobile Contacts, an app designed to give you an at-a-glance view of all of your contacts, and the option of contacting those in your address book by e-mail, phone or SMS – depending on the contact information you have stored on your device. I was pretty excited to get my hands on an Address Book replacement because of all the possible benefits of the user interface, and the potential this holds for speeding up the endless search for contacts. And from what I’ve seen of e-Mobile Contacts, the UI looks pretty clean. Perhaps I won’t have to type Xela Zsang’s name every time I want to get to her info!

e-Mobile Contacts v.2 for the BlackBerry 8100 Review Quick Links


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PhoneFace Speed-Dial nabs Facebook pictures to make calls


If you dug the interface in FlipSide, Electric Pocket has recently tweaked it and made PhoneFace, allowing you to scroll through pictures of friends to call and text them. Pictures can be taken from your BlackBerry’s camera, nabbed off your media card, or even imported from Facebook. This is a pretty slick idea (along the same lines as PictureDial) that I could see as an eventual full Address Book replacement. Throw a few more options in there like e-mail and MMS, maybe add some group options, ability to zoom in and out of a grid, and you’ve got something pretty awesome. Interested? Give PhoneFace a shot for 7 days free!