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BBerryGo Makes the First BlackBerry PlayBook Browser


The deal seems to be that if developers create an app that fits all the criteria of an Adobe AIR app that can be sold in App World, then they’re eligible for a free PlayBook. This is a pretty sweet deal considering a major feature of the PlayBook is that development on the PlayBook is supposed to be easy. Jerome from BBerryGo developed a browser for the BlackBerry PlayBook and apparently it was pretty easy. It should be interesting to see what apps developers create for the PlayBook and hopefully the development process helps shed the stigma that developing for BlackBerry is a pain in the development ass.

Adobe AIR Apps Demoed on the BlackBerry PlayBook at Adobe MAX


Mike Lazaridis, Co-CEO of RIM, and Kevin Lynch, CTO of Adobe, gave a pretty awesome demo of the BlackBerry PlayBook and Adobe AIR apps running on it. The demo also shows off some cool features such as the multitasking with HD video and Adobe AIR apps.

At the end of the video, there is some really awesome news as well. If you create an app for the PlayBook, and it’s accepted to be distributed through App World, you’re eligible for a free PlayBook. So get coding!

RIM to Host 5 Weeks of Webcasts to Help Developers Make PlayBook Apps


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RIM is hosting a series of webcasts that will help developers create Adobe AIR apps for the PlayBook. The webcasts will span 5 weeks and will be hosted by RIM starting on November 4th. It should be interesting to see what services will port their Adobe AIR apps over to the PlayBook and how easy they find the process. It would be cool to see something like TweetDeck running on the PlayBook.

To sign up for the webcast series visit blackberry.com/developers/tabletos/webcasts.

Adobe AIR Support on BlackBerry Announced at MWC



Adobe have announced Adobe AIR is now ready to support mobile platforms such as BlackBerry. AIR leverages specific features of Flash Player 10.1, and is optimized for mobile screens. Also part of the announcement is that Adobe Flash 10.1 was made available to content providers and mobile developers worldwide, with general availability expected in the first half of 2010.

AIR supports all the necessary features for developers to make great applications. AIR includes specific functionality for features such as multitouch, gesture inputs, accelerometer, geolocation and screen orientation. Adobe hopes this will allow developers to create a single app using AIR which will be able to run on multiple platforms. While the announcement has some large implications for mobile and BlackBerry, we may not see the first apps until later this year.