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How to Build a Company Directory App for the PlayBook in 90 Minutes


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Christophe Coenraets, an Adobe Technical Evangelist, wrote a cool tutorial on the BlackBerry Support Forums, showing how easy it is to make a company directory app for the PlayBook using Adobe Flex Hero. In 90 minutes, Christophe says you should be able to build a company directory app that lets you:

  • Search for employees
  • View employee details
  • Navigate up and down the org chart
  • Call, text, and email employees

Head over to the Support Forums and check out the tutorial. Be sure to let us know if you build a PlayBook app and we’ll feature you on the site. You can also follow Christophe @ccoenraets or on his blog.

Another Video of the PlayBook Shows Off Bezel Touchscreen


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Today has been an awesome day for BlackBerry PlayBook video and information. Most recently, we’ve learned a few new things from the above video including:

  • The entire bezel is touch sensitive and can be used to swipe between apps and bring up menus.
  • The virtual keyboard and screen are multitouch. You can also get the keyboard in both landscape and portrait.
  • There are swipe gestures galore.

While the event is an Adobe event meant for developers, a lot of media have been showing up to take a look at the device. Even though they’ll tell you they got a “hands-on”, it looks like RIM isn’t letting anyone play around with it too much as the device isn’t ready for consumption. It would be cool to hear more about the APIs and features that will be available to developers. We’ll try and get you those details soon.

More Details About the PlayBook from Meet the PlayBook Events


meet the playbook
Pic courtesy of @bradsedito

There are some interesting tidbits coming out of the Meet the PlayBook events, the first of which was held in NYC. Interestingly enough, it looks like earlier rumors about PlayBook models is false (the source site has even shut down), and the tablet will actually come in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB sizes. Does this mean the pricing will change as well or will we get more memory at the previously rumored price? It also looks like RIM only has a handful of PlayBooks that can be demoed, and even those units still don’t have a browser. It looks like developers probably won’t be getting their PlayBooks until the device has launched in February, which makes sense considering the giveaway runs right up to the 1st of the month. Hit the jump for the list of new PlayBook details.
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Video: Setting up Flash Builder “Burrito” and Simulator to Build PlayBook Apps


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Ryan Stewart is a developer evangelist for Adobe and he recently put together a screencast for the beginning steps to creating BlackBerry PlayBook apps. The video runs you through setting up Flash Builder Burrito and the PlayBook simulator, so if you’re more of a visual learner, this video should really help. RIM ran us through these steps during the developer webcasts, but in case you’re just tuning in now, you may appreciate this video.

Reminder: 3rd BlackBerry PlayBook Developer Webcast at 2PM EST


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The third BlackBerry PlayBook developer webcast will be broadcasted at 2PM EST or 11AM PST. In this webcast, you can learn about how to integrate your app with the PlayBook tablet using the Adobe AIR 2.5 APIs and the BlackBerry Tablet OS APIs. Other topics included in the webcast are:

  • Adobe AIR 2.5 device integration APIs
  • BlackBerry Tablet OS device integration APIs
  • Testing and Debugging your application BlackBerry Tablet Simulator
  • Live Q&A with experts from Research In Motion Limited and Adobe

Register for the webcast at this link.

Reminder: 2nd Developer Webcast for PlayBook Tablet OS SDK for Adobe AIR


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The next BlackBerry PlayBook webcast where RIM and Adobe will be demonstrating the SDK will be held on November 11th. The first webcast was helpful but there are still a lot of unanswered questions, so hopefully RIM has taken the time to plan out a little more about what features will be available to developers and give us a better idea of the roadmap. Remember, a lot of what they build into the feature roadmap will be based on demand so openly voice your support for certain features.

Register for the 2nd webcast at this link.