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The adult entertainment industry on BlackBerry



The adult entertainment industry is known for fueling a lot of growth on the web. According to Lewis Perdue, author of Eroticabiz: How Sex Shaped the Internet, “without business and technical pioneers in the online sex business, the World Wide Web would never have grown so big so quickly.”

The online world has several accomplishments to thank the adult entertainment industry for. For example, in the mid-1990s, Richard Gordon founded Electronic Card Systems, which “pioneered credit card transactions for a wide range of disreputable sites”, according to the New York Times.

Streaming media can attribute much of its success to sleaze as well. Danni Ashe, founder of seminal softcore site Danni’s Hard Drive, noted that “the adult entertainment industry was the first to use streaming JPEG push video, which was video that worked…in the browser and didn’t require a plug-in.”

That’s not to say porn is a driving force behind all things good on the internet. It’s also the driving force behind everything we hate about the internet. Spam, malware, popups and browser hijacking are all a direct result of harmful pornography sites.

When it comes to the BlackBerry, the mobile web has several forces behind it. RIM is constantly trying to improve the BlackBerry browser experience, and they’re making good progress. Third party browsers such as Opera are gaining incredible popularity in the BlackBerry community and are helping move the mobile internet experience closer to the desktop experience. The upcoming Skyfire browser boasts being able to provide your BlackBerry with all the functionality that the desktop can. So what, if any, impact will the adult entertainment industry have on BlackBerry web browsing?

As a side note, I once tried to purchase the domain blackberryporn.com and guess who bought it three days before me? RIM! Looks like RIM is trying to shut the industry out of some high value domain names and keep the adult entertainment beast at bay.

For more information about how the adult entertainment industry has fueled the web, see PC World’s article.