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Xobni for BlackBerry – CES 2010


Xobni (inbox backwards) is getting closer to having their application prepared for BlackBerry goodness. If you’re unfamiliar, Xobni is currently an add-on for Outlook that makes searching a snap. It indexes your emails, then allows you to search them all with keywords, names or just about anything else you can throw at it. From there, it sorts out contact information with their social network information, files that you’ve exchanged and it makes it easy to email those folks that you’ve previously corresponded with but weren’t important enough to make your contact list. Okay, so you got lazy and you forgot. Nonetheless, the goodness that is Xobni in Outlook is coming to BlackBerry. Check out the video above and get more information on the upcoming release.


Send custom postcards from your BlackBerry with AmazingMail.com


Snailmail InboxAmazingMail.com Inc.’s online Web-to-print service allows smartphone application developers to integrate on-demand printing services to send personalized mail directly from smartphones – including the ability to spontaneously send postcards composed from “in-the-moment” BlackBerry photos – and get the card in the mail the next business day.

“We’re excited to talk to developers from BlackBerry and other smartphone communities about how they can use our patented batch processing and limitless digital print capability to build exciting mail and marketing applications for industry verticals,” says AmazingMail.com’s CEO Chris Lynde. “Postino and PicCard are good examples of how developers can generate margins of 100% or more with our Web-to-print engine.” Also, Postino is poised to launch a Windows Mobile version and BlackBerry version – evidence that the AmazingMail web-to-print application is of use to smartphone developers of all types.

This service sounds like a great summer vacation tool; not to mention an ideal Hallmark Killer.