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Transpera Launches Video Advertising SDK for Developers


Transpera WPT Simple Demo video from Transpera on Vimeo.

Transpera let us know that they have a mobile video advertising network that has recently been updated and know supports all three major smartphone platforms, including BlackBerry. The platform allows developers to tap into an ad network that includes Ford Motor Company, Proctor & Gamble, Marriott, Microsoft and Paramount Pictures.
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RIM Finally Includes BlackBerry Apps in Their Commercials


It’s sort of strange how long it has taken for RIM to finally begin advertising the fact that their is such a thing as BlackBerry apps and users can download them on their device. In their latest TV spot, RIM is advertising the Super Apps concept which is cool but it would have been nice to see more than one app in the ad. At the very end of the ad, they show you a series of icons representing Super Apps (is Urban Spoon really a super app?), and there are a lot of cool apps they could have showcased. Why didn’t RIM showcase themes? The ability to customize your device in any way you’d like is a great advantage for BlackBerry and they should be advertising this on TV. Pageonce Personal Finance is definitely an awesome app but hopefully RIM will show off a little more in the coming ads.

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Nexage Sets Bar for RIM Ad SDK with Ad-Supported Apps Getting 95%+ Fill Rate


curtis sasaki shows off RIM's ad network in 2009

Nexage announced that they have integrated with apps such as crunchSMS, ÜberTwitter, and ScoreMobile, and they have increased their fill rates to 95+%. For example, ÜberTwitter, which launched a new version of its application with Nexage Mediation in July 2010, watched its fill rate jump from 60% to 98+% in August, 2010.

It should be interesting to see how these advertising services perform with respect to RIM’s ad service, and whether developers will jump ship. Also, it’s been shown on other platforms that in-app purchasing results in more revenue for developers, so the ad-supported app route isn’t necessarily a good direction for developers. On the other hand, apps like Poynt rely on ad revenue and are apparently happy with RIM’s offerings.

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New BlackBerry Torch Ad Shows Media Capabilities


YouTube Link

The first BlackBerry Torch commercial was pretty cool but it took some criticism for showing off features (eg keyboard) that weren’t really going to impress consumers. Also, the ad sounds like it’s going to break out into Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5″. The latest ad is up on BlackBerry’s YouTube channel and it shows off the media capabilities of the phone. The commercial takes place in San Francisco, where RIM is going to host the 2010 developer conference. Considering the iPhone presence in San Francisco, California and the Valley, why does RIM insist on shooting commercials and hosting conferences there? Get your own turf.

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RIM Patents Adaptive Roadside Billboard System Using Crowd Sourced Data


billboard patent

When you work for a company as large as RIM, a lot of patents get filed that aren’t necessarily part of the company’s business, but more part of its process. It’s also a great way to keep an inflated legal department busy during a lull in leak season.

The latest patents to come out of RIM relate to billboard advertising. RIM has applied for two patents titled an “Adaptive roadside billboard system and related methods” and “Adaptive pedestrian billboard system and related methods”. The idea is that the billboard advertising can make use of crowd-sourced data from RIM to serve ads more effectively. As more pedestrians pass an advertisement, the message might be made simpler to accommodate the influx of people. The same applies to cars: if traffic is slower, more detailed advertisements could be served.
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