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BlackBerry has the Lowest Click-Through Rates in Mobile Advertising


Smaato are a mobile advertising and ad optimization company and they’ve recently announced their March figures on mobile ad click-through rates (CTR). According to Smaato, Symbian leads in their global OS CTR index, followed by feature phones, Windows Mobile, Apple, Android, Palm and lastly BlackBerry.
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RIM Working on Methods to Monetize Email with Advertising



In a series of patents filed recently, it seems RIM is working on methods for monetizing BlackBerry messages. One patent, titled “SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR INCORPORATING MULTIMEDIA CONTENT INTO A MESSAGE HANDLED BY A MOBILE DEVICE“, describes a method for examining a message and linking keywords in the message to an ad. This sounds just like what Google does in its webmail and RIM is probably going to see if it can generate some dollars from a similar service.

Another patent, titled “SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR EVALUATING ADVERTISING METRICS“, describes a method for determining whether an application or user has attempted to defraud RIM’s advertising model. Personally, I think RIM could do well with a partnership with Google, instead of trying to do it themselves. Google has figured all of this out already and I bet RIM will come across some of the same problems Google faced in its early stages of development. One particular problem I see on the horizon is a backlash from people seeing ads in their BlackBerry Messages. Email is a very private service and while Google saw a backlash from their web service, I think seeing ads on your handheld will generate more concern.

What do you think, would you care about seeing ads in your email? What if there was some benefit like cheaper devices in the long run?

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BlackBerry to offer advertising APIs, in-application transactions and more LBS functionality


The BlackBerry Developer Conference kicked off with Jim Balsillie announcing a wide range of new tools available to BlackBerry developers that are going to redefine what we think of as a BlackBerry app.

The latest set of APIs available to BlackBerry developers are focused on making ad-supported apps easier to develop, and help to more easily monetize the developer’s hard work. The new BlackBerry Advertising Service will allow developers to integrate ads from networks such as Jumptap, Millennial Media, Navteq, 1020 Placecast, Quattro Wireless and Sympatico.ca. The Advertising Service and SDK will be available in the first half of 2010.

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Fake BlackBerry Storm ad


This is obviously a fan vid right? I doubt RIM has gone viral and started putting together ads with no branding or real marketing behind them. Cool idea though!



AT&T BlackBerry Bold promotions taking over the ‘Net


AT&T BlackBerry Bold adverts on Huffington Post

The above image displays AT&T’s last minute marketing push to raise awareness of the BlackBerry Bold launch tomorrow. I guess they feel that HuffingtonPost readers are the type of people that might be interested, but good luck getting them to pay attention to anything other than the election tomorrow. Maybe if AT&T gets one in Obama’s hands…

We’re sure more advertisements like this are going to be flooding the Internet in the next few days. If you see any good ones on major sites, post a comment below and let us know.


BlackBerry Bold video debuts during Heroes debut


You have to hand it to RIM: they’re not normally known for PR savvy, but they certainly chose the perfect time to debut their BlackBerry Bold commercial on Canadian airwaves. The DVR-equipped Canucks over at MobileSyrup were able to record the commercial during the Heroes season premiere. good job, gents!