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Nokia still rocks the mobile browser roost


International mobile browser share

The latest report from mobile advertising agency AdMob ran through some numbers based on the four billion ads they’ve served up. As you can see, Nokia remains top dog in mobile browsing activity, capturing a solid 34% of the global share thanks primarily to heavy adoption in Africa and Asia, followed up closely by Openwave (AKA WAP) at 29%. BlackBerry took a sad little 3% slice of the pie, right along side Motorola, Palm’s and Apple’s browsers. The BlackBerry 8300 and BlackBerry 8100 are still on the American Top Ten handsets list, though the top four spots are taken by Motorola. Even internationally, the Pearl does alright, getting 9th. place. In terms of geography, Indonesia has seen about ten times more traffic than last year, and Asia on the whole has seen a significant increase in activity.

(AdMob via Electronista)

YouTube testing mobile ads


Advertisement on YouTube MobileBoth mobile advertising and video are both still picking up in popularity, but Google’s willing to put their eggs in that basket now that they’ve begun testing ads on YouTube’s mobile page. It’s tricky enough to get BlackBerry users to enjoy mobile video with so few 3G handsets out there, let alone convince them to click through on ads. Screen real estate is also at a premium, which might work out better for advertisers who can claim a bigger chunk of visibility, but end users may just see full-size banners as obnoxious. Many video providers integrate their ads right with videos, which might be a better way to go about things on mobile, since it they don’t impede the mobile browsing experience and provide richer advertising opportunities.

(via Official Google Mobile Blog)


The Weather Network releases WeatherEye and TrafficEye


A snowstorm and some trafficThe Weather Network and French-speakering counterpart MétéoMédia have released WeatherEye Mobile and TrafficEye mobile, which do pretty much what you’d expect. WeatherEye offer current conditions as well as short-term and long-term forecast for cities in Canada and other locations. TrafficEye is currently only available for the Toronto area, but the two companies plan to expand the traffic maps, traffic camera images, and other features to more cities in Canada. Both apps are ad-supported and free, and available in English and French versions, so check ‘em out.

The BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Boy Genius Interviewed (Pt. 2)


Boy GeniusBy popular demand, we’ve got round two of our interview with the preeminent tech blogger Boy Genius. BlackBerry Cool’s EIC Doug Soltys yaks it up with the Big BG about leaks, carriers, manufacturers, advertisers, MVNOs, and the iPhone. Without further ado, here‘s the podcast for your listening pleasure. (Also on iTunes, if that’s your bag.)

New Sprint ads for the discriminating multibillionaire


$10.5 million is small potatoes for the service of a BlackBerry 8830, plus the limited-time private island offer is a nice extra. Well, says Sprint. YouTube’s down right now, but for whenever it gets back up…

YouTube video behind the jump.