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Aerize WiFiX: Enforce WiFi Usage released



Aerize has just released WiFiX for BlackBerry. WiFiX is a bit more powerful than it seems; it can reroute connections to and from any connection. For example: WiFi <> BES <> BIS <> TCP/IP <> WAP, so it can actually enable usage of many programs without the need for a BlackBerry Data connection (BES/BIS). Since it can import and export settings it is highly configurable for the future.

We are actually using Google Maps and a bunch of other apps on BlackBerry with only WAP data connections. Furthermore, it will enable WiFi when the user has NO mobile data plan at all.

Try or Buy Aerize WiFiX for $9.99

Deal of the Day: Aerize Optimizer- 40% off



Get peak performance out of your BlackBerry device with this advanced memory and performance optimizer. Eliminate memory leaks, degrading performance, and BlackBerry device errors. Automatically reclaim your precious system memory resources that have been lost with Aerize Optimizer.


  • Avoid memory errors
  • Enhance BlackBerry performance
  • Automatic alert at user defined thresholds
  • Know the current memory usage at the click of a button
  • Reclaim your precious memory resources for peak performance

Buy Aerize Optimizer for $5.99, that’s 40% off!

Get pop-up email notifications to your BlackBerry



Get a lot of emails? Tired of not knowing who messages are from without opening the messages folder? Well Aerize can help. Aerize alerts is an application that will notify you via a pop-up notification on your screen. The thing I love about this application is that it displays a photo of the sender if their picture is stored in your contacts. I’ve been using the application for about 4 days and it’s a must have!

Aerize Alerts is available for pretty much every Blackberry and the app is very small at about 38KB so no need to worry about installing a memory hogging application.
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Head 2 Head: Aerize vs. PeeKaWho


Last week we reviewed both Aerize and PeeKaWho, two great pieces of software that essentially give you great-looking caller-ID functionality for your emails and SMS text messages. We’ve talked quite a bit about PeeKaWho, developed by BlackBerry Cool 15 nominee Robert Kao of SmrtGuard (also the developer of Followup and SmrtGuard), and Aerize Alerts (developed by Aerize, who also developed the Aerize Card Loader we mentioned earlier in May).

Aerize vs. PeekaWho Head 2 Head

Aerize Alerts v.1.1.1 Reviewed!


Aerize for BlackBerry

While incoming calls from contacts in your address book already alert you by showing the caller’s photo and number, your BlackBerry sadly does not support the same service for email or text messaging. Unless you have Aerize Alerts v.1.1.1 or PeeKaWho – an awesome product we just reviewed.

Now, on to Aerize! The short and skinny of it is, Aerize Alerts 1.1.1 allows BlackBerry users to receive pop-up notifications on your home screen for email and SMS text messages, in a similar way that you would when a contact saved in your address book calls you. Aerize alerts is responsive, easy to use, easy to set up, and easy on the eyes.

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Aerize Card Loader deal


Aerize Card LoaderOne of the consistent complaints about BlackBerry is the lack of internal memory available for applications. Sure, microSD cards add some storage for media files, but programs have to be launched directly from the device. Well, Aerize has an interesting solution that involves swapping out applications stored on your BlackBerry’s physical memory onto the memory card so you can store more apps. These guys have an awesome sale going on now, where you can grab not only the card loader, but their fine file explorer (which includes a zip and unzip utility) for half off regular price. These are some very handy tools for those looking to save some room on their handheld… be sure to take advantage before the sale runs out on Friday!