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Aflac’s tech concierge shares her BlackBerry tips


Margaret Genet is an operations analyst at the insurance company Aflac who doubles as a tech concierge, teaching BlackBerry tips and tricks to other members of the company. CIO.com got her to share some of her secrets with them and posted the results. The tricks are organized by category: typing tricks, such as holding down a key to type a capitalized letter or inserting the date by hitting the L key followed by D and then space; messaging tips like how to turn on automatic spellchecking; phone suggestions, including how to access email and other documents during a call; and even a few solutions for common problems or errors. All in all, there’s a wealth of information even for BlackBerry gurus, with the only caveat being that some of the methods might not work on older models. Between this guide and our other tips, anyone can get the most out of their phone.