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WWDC Round Up: the 3G iPhone Cometh


iPhone 3G

Well, it sure was an interesting day for those following the unveiling of Apple’s newest smartphone. 3G. AGPS. USD $200 on a two-year contract (8G model). 300 hours of standby time, 8-10 hours of 2G talk time, 5 hours of 3G talk time, 7 hours of video time and 24 hours of audio time. Our sister sites, QuicklyBored and SmartPhoneCool have been all over the coverage today; here are the links to some interesting posts:

iPhone 3G Country Launch List
iPhone 3G Hands-On Impressions
iPhone 3G and Mobile Games

Check out the content and let us know what you think of Apple’s black beauty. How does this stack up with the BlackBerry Bold?

(image via Engadget)

More OS 4.6 details


BlackBerry 9000A recent video tour of the BlackBerry 9000 shows off the few new features in OS 4.6, including launching streaming video in the BlackBerry Media Player, geotagging right from the camera app, and a new Clock feature. The improved browser was nary to be seen, and BlackBerry Maps wasn’t included yet (likely due to tweaking needed for the new assisted GPS technology that the 9000 is packing), but the software will likely get all its gaps filled before release. Hardware-wise, the 9000’s keypad is significantly improved over the 8800’s, has a bigger battery (and extra weight to go with it), and is packing an uber-bright LED.