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RIM Hosting Sessions for IT Managers Looking to Embrace Employee Liable Smartphones


We have talked a few times about Employee Liable vs Corporate Liable smartphones. A corporate liable device is one that the company distributes and is responsible for the cost and maintenance of the device. Generally, this device is locked down and restricted, so as to minimize cost and security risks to the organization. An employee liable device is purchased by the employee, and brought into the organization. This device may or may not be compatible with the network, and it’s up to executive management and the IT department whether or not said device will be allowed.

It is widely reported that employee liable smartphones are on the rise, and in speaking with Ahmed Datoo of Zenrprise, we discussed the possibility that it could be largely attributed to the recession. Employee liable devices are less expensive than corporate liable devices, and while they may carry added headaches for IT, the need for cost cutting has given a large number of consumer smartphones the green light.
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Zenprise to host Device Management Best Practices Webinar



Next Tuesday, June 30th, Zenprise will be hosting a free Webinar highlighting five best practices for managing heterogeneous smartphone environments.

Drew Collier, Systems Operation Manager at Shook, Hardy, Bacon LLP, will share best practice policies and technologies for addressing the support of heterogeneous mobile devices. He will discuss how to enable multi-device support while delivering on the promise of mobile productivity. Attendees will learn how to:

  • Support different devices without burdening IT
  • Define multi-device support processes for the help desk
  • Modify organizational processes to provision, manage, and support different smartphones
  • Provide comparable service levels across all smartphones
  • Reduce trouble tickets by more than 50 percent
  • Reduce mean time to repair by more than 70 percent
  • Realize between 100 percent and 600 percent productivity improvements.

Be sure to watch the Webinar for Ahmed Datoo, vice president of product management at Zenprise, because he will be sharing the latest industry research on the growth of consumer-owned smartphones in the enterprise space. He’ll also conduct a live demo highlighting how to manage and monitor heterogeneous smartphone environments.

To register, visit the Webinar page and leave your contact details.


BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 15


BBCoolThe BBCool podcast has two guest speakers this week. Rob Woodbridge from Rove Mobile runs us through their freshly-launched PCMobilizr, then Ahmed Datoo gives us Zenprise’s perspective of the recent outage on AT&T. Aside from that, we’ve got a few 8110 launches, a few BlackBerry Professional Software launches, a new toy for streaming your tunes, and a bunch of other stuff. Check it out!

XML remains a cruel mistress. Anyone who can crack our podcast feed and figure out why iTunes isn’t updating it will get a kickass prize and a big fat kiss from yours truly.

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