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TELUS spends $700M in Alberta to boost telecom infrastructure


Telus bunnies

TELUS, Canada’s 2nd largest carrier said it will be investing $700 million in wireless and wireline systems, part of a 10 per cent boost in overall spending from last year.

The move is expected to help boost customer spending and increase new sign-ups which have been a little lower than expected this year. The upgrades will help launch high-speed packet access technology by 2010. That will allow for faster data transmission and video service on handset devices including smartphones such as Research In Motion’s BlackBerry.

TELUS is fortunate in that it is in a better financial position debt-wise than most carriers. It doesn’t have a lot of debt that is due in the next couple years, and it is therefore taking this opportunity to spend, while most carriers are cutting back.

So if you’re in the Alberta region, expect some better service coming from TELUS.


Canadian politicians get burned for BlackBerry addiction



The Speaker of the House, Ken Kowalski, scolded Alberta MLAs (member of the legislative assembly) for using their BlackBerrys too much and not paying attention.

“C’mon now,” said Kowalski. “We agreed on certain things, certain decorum, and I even noted prior to this time today that several members had BlackBerrys out. Please.”

As Kowalski pleaded with members to stop using their BlackBerrys, members laughed and Twittered it (just kidding).

One Tory MLA, Thomas Lukaszuk, admits it’s hard for him to stop using his BlackBerry in the chamber, but denies he’s addicted to it. Lukaszuk noted U.S. President Barack Obama is a big BlackBerry fan and is allowed to use his because it’s allegedly spy-proof.

“If Obama can keep his, I need to keep mine,” said Lukaszuk, adding that, ultimately, he’ll follow the warnings of the house Speaker.

Personally, I think members should be allowed to use their BlackBerrys. It is in fact a Canadian-made device so it’s a point of national pride. What they shouldn’t be doing is wasting our tax dollars at these boring meetings where clearly nothing is getting done.