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BlackBerry Bold 9000, Curve 8320 and 8700 Arrive in Mongolia



Mongolia is only about 3 million and Ulaanbaatar is around 1 million, so isn’t going to have a big impact on RIM’s sales, but nonetheless RIM and Alcatel-Lucent have launched the BlackBerry solution in Mongolia. The Bold 9000, Curve 8320 and BlackBerry 8700 are all launching in Mongolia, as well as BES and BIS. We’re not sure on price, but it’s going to be a small subset of the population buying BlackBerry. With China being Mongolia’s biggest trading partner, and BlackBerry set to launch in China, this could be of big help to businessmen in the region.

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Alfa launch the BlackBerry Bold and Curve 8900 in Lebanon


BlackBerry Curve 8900 and Bold 9000

Miguel over at lablackberry sent in a tip that the carrier Alfa has launched the Bold 9000 and Curve 8900 in Lebanon. Back in January, RIM announced that the Bold 9000 and the Curve 8320 had been launched by EMS and MTC Touch in Lebanon. Good news for the Lebanese. Time to go pick up a new device, YALLA YALLA!

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The BlackBerry solution launches in Saudi Arabia



RIM, in partnership with Zain Saudi Arabia and Alcatel-Lucent, have launched the BlackBerry solution in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Alcatel-Lucent is leveraging its strong local presence in the region to provide Zain Saudi Arabia with the project management, end-to-end implementation, installation, commissioning and on-going support for delivering the BlackBerry solution to the Saudi market. With Alcatel-Lucent managing integration and deployment, Zain Saudi Arabia can focus on managing subscribers and providing adequate customer care.

When the program launches, Zain will be offering its customers the BlackBerry Curve 8900, BlackBerry Bold 9000, BlackBerry Pearl 8120 and BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220. Customers will also have access to BES and BIS.

Hopefully Saudi Arabia will also be able to get their hands on some of the latest devices that will be launching this fall in North America.

Viettel, Alcatel-Lucent and RIM Announce the Launch of the BlackBerry Solution in Vietnam



Ha Noi, Viet Nam, Paris, France and Waterloo, Ontario – Viettel, a leading mobile operator in Vietnam, Alcatel-Lucent and Research In Motion today announced the launch of the BlackBerry wireless solution in Vietnam. Using BlackBerry smartphones, Viettel customers will be able to wirelessly send and receive emails, make phone calls, browse the Internet, send text messages and access corporate and lifestyle applications when on the move.

At launch, Viettel will offer its customers the BlackBerry Pearl 8100 and the BlackBerry 8700 and the BlackBerry Curve 8320 smartphones as well as BlackBerry Enterprise Server for corporate customers and BlackBerry Internet Service for smaller businesses and individual users.

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BlackBerry 8800 comes to Madagascar


MadagascarNot too long after the Ghanaian three-pronged release, we’ve got another BlackBerry launch at the other end of the continent, in Madagascar. With the help of Alcatel-Lucent, local provider Telma will be carrying the BlackBerry 8800. As a habit, I like to check out the Wikis for every country that announces a release, and it was an interesting surprise to find out that Madagascar is home to five per cent of all of the world’s species of plants and animals, with a fossil record showing the presence of gorilla-sized lemurs. Woah.


Alcatel-Lucent and RIM bringing China the BlackBerry 8700


ChinaAfter much confusion as to the availability of BlackBerry in China, we’ve finally got an official announcement that the BlackBerry 8700 is, in fact, landing there sometime this year. It’s been quite the struggle getting BlackBerry through the gates, but it’s finally going to happen. RIM’s stock took a huge jump at the news, hitting $125.62 at present after opening at $116.07. China’s running their own PT/Expo China Comm concurrent with CTIA, where the 8700 will be showcased and the good word spread.