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BlackBerry 8800 comes to Madagascar


Not too long after the Ghanaian three-pronged release, we’ve got another BlackBerry launch at the other end of the continent, in Madagascar. With the help of Alcatel-Lucent, local provider Telma will be carrying the BlackBerry 8800. As a habit, I like to check out the Wikis for every country that announces a release, and it was an interesting surprise to find out that Madagascar is home to five per cent of all of the world’s species of plants and animals, with a fossil record showing the presence of gorilla-sized lemurs. Woah.

Alcatel-Lucent and RIM bringing China the BlackBerry 8700


ChinaAfter much confusion as to the availability of BlackBerry in China, we’ve finally got an official announcement that the BlackBerry 8700 is, in fact, landing there sometime this year. It’s been quite the struggle getting BlackBerry through the gates, but it’s finally going to happen. RIM’s stock took a huge jump at the news, hitting $125.62 at present after opening at $116.07. China’s running their own PT/Expo China Comm concurrent with CTIA, where the 8700 will be showcased and the good word spread.

Mobilis launches Algerian BlackBerry support


Algerian carrier mobilis has recently announced their inaugural BlackBerry support, kicking things off with the BlackBerry 8100 and BlackBerry 8700. Alcatel-Lucent is lending a hand with the launch and support of the devices - if Alcatel’s work is anything like their network expansion in India, mobilis shouldn’t have too much to worry about. As for the Pearl and 8700, they’re solid choices for getting initial footholds in both consumer and enterprise markets.

Reliance begins “largest expansion undertaken by a telecom operator in the world”


TowerIndia’s Reliance Communications has signed Alcatel-Lucent on to expand its CDMA and GSM networks for over $400 million. Heh, for once India gets to outsource someone else. After setting up the hardware and integration management necessary to expand Reliance’s operations, 20,000 towns and 600,000 villages will fall under their coverage.

“The expansion of the Reliance network, particularly in rural areas, will help improve the lives of millions in India”, [said Patricia Russo, CEO, Alcatel-Lucent].