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BlackBerry VP of Developer Relations Alec Saunders Now VP of QNX Cloud


Alec Saunders

Alec Saunders, the incredibly outspoken VP of Developer Relations, is now the VP of QNX Cloud. This is interesting for a few reasons:

1) The new CEO John Chen is shifting the company’s efforts over to the enterprise, and perhaps Developer Relations isn’t as important now.

2) QNX has been making the most news these days, especially at CES, and is arguably the strongest company in the “BlackBerry Portfolio”.

3) Recently, BlackBerry released OS 10.2.1, which gives users the ability to install Android .apk files directly onto a BlackBerry 10 phone. Perhaps this means Android is the consumer app play moving forward.

There’s definitely a culture shift happening at BlackBerry and it’s happening fast. BlackBerry as a “portfolio of companies” is going to become increasingly evident as employees move between BES, BBM, and QNX.

Read Alec’s blog on the specific reasons as to why he is now with QNX Cloud.

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BlackBerry Jam World Tour Now Open for Montreal


We were told that the BlackBerry Jam World Tour is only constrained by the number of BlackBerry Dev Alpha devices that RIM can manufacture. One of the reasons the manufacturing process isn’t up to speed is because there’s issues with some parts having an end-of-life and thus creating a bottleneck. It seems RIM has freed up more Alpha devices or they’ve just figured out a way to squeeze another city in the tour because Montreal is now an available as a city. You can’t currently register for the Montreal Jam session on July 11th, but surely you will be able to soon.
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Alec Saunders, RIM Dev Relations, Says 500K Apps and a 41MP Camera Are Meaningless


It’s great to see RIM shaking things up and challenging the same tired narrative that the media loves to repeat ad nauseum (ie “the hardware spec race is worth fighting” and “the number of apps on your platform dictates success”). At Mobile World Congress, Alec Saunders, VP of Developer Relations at RIM, gave some interesting sound bites including 500,000 apps and a 41MP camera are “meaningless”. It’s a good point that gives a little insight into how RIM is tackling the app ecosystem. Rather than concern yourself with building a platform to attract massive amounts of duplicates and fluff, build a platform that will entice the best of the best. That being said, lots of choice is always great, and duplicates isn’t so bad if you’re providing a variety of features and price points.
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Alec Saunders Confirms Many Upcoming BBX Features


We are very excited about BBX. Everything RIM has said about the platform makes a lot of sense and the rumors we’re hearing about the first QNX device sound exciting. The only downside is that all the rumors point to a full touchscreen device, and we’ve never been happy with a full touchscreen BlackBerry. We need our keyboard. Regardless, a recent interview with Alec Saunders confirms some cool upcoming features of BBX, and we’re even more excited about the first devices to launch.
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Mike Lazaridis and Alec Saunders Talk App World and Developer Community #BBDevCon


We’re here at BlackBerry DevCon and Mike Lazaridis as well as Alec Saunders are on stage to talk about some cool things we can expect from App World, as well as the general developer community, in the coming months. Some things to expect include a better developer portal, enterprise apps, and more outreach from RIM to the developer community. There’s a lot going on and while we’re not sure exactly when this stuff is available, it’s great to see it’s coming. More after the break.
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Alec Saunders Joins RIM as VP of Developer Relations and Ecosystem Development


Alec Saunders is no stranger to BlackBerryCool and the tech community. We’ve long followed Alec’s blog and have reposted some of his content that deals with BlackBerry and the smartphone industry. Alec is also an entrepreneur and it will be great to get someone at RIM who understands the needs of startups and small businesses, which seem to be really powering the smartphone app business. More after the jump.
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