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Keep loved ones safe with BlackBerry panic button


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The Alert Button is a simple application and hardware combo for your BlackBerry that is intended to act as a panic button in case you’re in trouble. The app is very simple to operate, whether you’re in the dark or in daylight. Just push the Alert Button, and a message is sent by text from your phone to all your specified contacts.

The above pic is an example of the message received when the Alert Button is pressed. Each person gets your chosen message plus a link to Google maps that will pinpoint your location. They can then use Google maps or any other mapping service to be directed to where you are,or telephone an Emergency number and ask for help.

This application is great for the elderly as well. If the user does have a fall, breakdown, attack or needs help in any way, the just push the Alert Button.

The hardware costs £54.99 and can be purchased directly form Freedom.