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PomTracker Helps Plan a Productive Workday with a Free BlackBerry PlayBook App


PomTracker is a free productivity app for the BlackBerry PlayBook by JWA Developments that helps organize your workday using a timer and todo list. It’s based on the Pomodoro Technique developed by Francesco Cirillo in the 80s which divides your workday into focused 25 minute segments with breaks in between.
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Aerize Alerts v.1.1.1 Reviewed!


Aerize for BlackBerry

While incoming calls from contacts in your address book already alert you by showing the caller’s photo and number, your BlackBerry sadly does not support the same service for email or text messaging. Unless you have Aerize Alerts v.1.1.1 or PeeKaWho – an awesome product we just reviewed.

Now, on to Aerize! The short and skinny of it is, Aerize Alerts 1.1.1 allows BlackBerry users to receive pop-up notifications on your home screen for email and SMS text messages, in a similar way that you would when a contact saved in your address book calls you. Aerize alerts is responsive, easy to use, easy to set up, and easy on the eyes.

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WES Exhibitor Spotlight: Nomadz


NomadzNomadz is a new personal safety tool for businesses and travelers. If you’re going to a foreign country, you can simply fill out your itinerary and you will be alerted to any potentially dangerous situations you might be involved in, from terrorist threats to thunderstorms. You can contact the Nomadz team if anything untoward happens, such as a car accident or injury, and they will alert the authorities, as well as get maps and directions to business meetings or wherever you need to go. They mention that they are working on a new health service, which will give you information on drug interactions and remind you of dosage schedules, and even give a second opinion based on information your provide. Definitely something to look out for at WES.

How to get alerts while BlackBerry is holstered


HolsterPDAStreet just let us in on a tip they found on how to ensure you’re still getting your e-mail alerts if your device is holstered. It’s just a quick setting switch, but if you’ve been having trouble, you wouldn’t know where to look anyhow.

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