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3 GPS apps now CDMA compliant


TrimbleThe team at IntoMobile found out that three apps — AllSport GPS, Geocache Navigator, and Trimble Outdoors — are now CDMA compliant. We reported last November that all three were available, but at the time they were only available for GSM users. so it’s good to see them on the CDMA network. AllSport GPS tracks time, speed, burned calories, and distance travelled during outdoor workouts, while Trimble Outdoors allows you to plan out routes online and then send them to your phone as a guide while you’re out and about. Finally, Geocache Navigator helps you participate in the grand sport of geocaching, where you use GPS coordinates to hunt down treasures which are scattered around cities worldwide. When you find the treasures, you take the item inside and leave a gift of your own.


3 new apps for BB-users on the move


TrimbleTrimble has announced today three new programs for GPS users on a GSM network. First up is AllSport GPS which tracks a regular exercise route and calculates how many calories you’re burning, how much time you take, and all sorts of fitness-related info. Next is Geocache Navigator, which is geared towards playing a location-based game. Geocaching is basically a GPS treasure hunt where players plant waterproof containers in isolated locations and post the coordinates in online communities. Finally, they’ve got Trimble Outdoors, which lets you plot outdoor trips as well as upload associated multimedia onto Google Earth. That’s quite the package on the whole, but it’s a bit of a let-down that this is all for GSM users only. Right now they’re all available for month-long trials and should be available for $39.99/year or $5.99/month by the end of November.