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BlackBerry 8130 comes to Allstream on the cheap


AllstreamNot to be outdone by Telus or Bell, Canada’s other CDMA carrier has announced the BlackBerry 8130 for a mere $99.99 on a three year plan. As if that weren’t savings enough, you’ll also get 4 months of unlimited data usage and half price on voice and e-mail plans. It’s not showing up on their store yet, but should pop up in the next few days. Man, what a great time to live in Manitoba. That is, until the snow hits.


Report: BlackBerry strong in face of iPhone


iPhoneWe’ve heard it all before, but now analysts are backing up Balsillie’s big talk about the iPhone not being competition. A recent report from the NDP Group aimed at guaging Apple’s success in the mobile market has come to the conclusion that while the Treo and Sidekick suffered some converts as a result of the iPhone, the lack of enterprise e-mail kept BlackBerry users from switching. While encouraging, is that the only thing stopping the iPhone from putting a dent in RIM’s armour? Let’s say hypothetically that the iPhone gets Exchange server support – will that be enough to turn the tide? As far as carriers go, T-Mobile and Alltel lost plenty of subscribers to AT&T; the subscribers for both were three times more likely to have switched over for an iPhone.

BlackBerry 8830 comes to Alltel


AlltelAlltel announced yesterday their release of the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition. The 8830? Really? If you’re going to be this late to the party, why not pick up something a little more recent? Even Trinidad has the BlackBerry 8300. Besides, corporate customers are probably a-o-k with the BlackBerry 8703e that Alltel is already offering. To be fair, they do have a focus on roaming, and that’s what the BlackBerry 8830 is all about. Available for $249.99 with mail-in rebate.

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