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Rumor: BlackBerry Bluetooth watch coming soon



UPDATE: The image you’re seeing isn’t the actual watch. It’s just a mock-up to show what the watch might look like.

Back at WES 2009, the VP of RIM Antoine Boucher, confirmed the upcoming BlackBerry Bluetooth Headset and apparently let it slip that a Bluetooth watch was in development.

The watch would be a hub for all your notifications including facebook, BBM, email and SMS. It may also include some of the functionality of the VM 605, which allows you to send music from your BlackBerry to the car stereo.

While it is rumor at the moment, I can tell you I definitely see this happening. RIM has a history of letting accessory details slip well in advance of the product launch. Before the VM 605 launched, journalists were playing with it months in advance. I’m predicting we’ll be seeing much more news about this accessory as we near the holiday season.


[Source with tip from Simon Sage]