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Amazon Offers Developers a New Way to Monetize Apps


If you’re a developer and you’ve got an app on Amazon or Google Play, you can now monetize your app using an Amazon affiliate program. The new Amazon Mobile Associates API will let you advertise physical and digital products in your apps and games and earn up to 6% commission. This is an awesome feature for any content-heavy apps and it should be interesting to see how developers pair physical products with mobile apps.
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BlackBerry PlayBook 4G LTE vs The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 vs iPad vs Kindle Fire


We recently came across a pretty interesting “Sales Battle Card” that RIM is giving its sales team. The card shows the major differences between the tablets and it definitely does a good job of showing the advantages that the PlayBook 4G LTE has over its competitors. There’s also some facts on the card that are fudged in a way that’s not owning up to the PlayBook’s disadvantages. But the glass should always be half full right? Check out the full spec and feature comparison charts that show the differences between the PlayBook 4G LTE, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, iPad and Kindle Fire.
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RIM Acquires Mobile Content and Cloud Services Provider NewBay


NewBay is an Ireland-based digital content services company that specializes in white-label solutions for mobile carriers. Some of their products include social networking tools, mobile video content delivery, mobile messaging, utilities, as well as tailor made mobile OSes for mobile carriers such as Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T. The company also has a significant presence in the cloud services space which is probably the cause of the acquisition. More after the jump.
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5 Must-Add Custom Search Engines for BlackBerry 7


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The New Amazon Kindle and Ad-Supported Mobile Content vs Paying for Premium


amazon admash

Amazon recently announced its new Kindle model which has an awfully alluring price tag of $114 – $25 cheaper than the previous base model. The only catch is that it’s filled with advertisements for products ranging from Olay to Buick to Visa. Founder and CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, said of the newly discounted model, “We’re working hard to make sure that anyone who wants a Kindle can afford one.” And the best way to do that is by using sponsored ads.

This new Kindle also comes bundled with an app called ‘AdMash’ which allows users to vote on their favorite advertisements, ultimately deciding which advertisements are featured on the device’s sponsored screensavers. The new, ad-fortified Kindle is Wi-Fi-only and will be released on May 3rd and the 3G model will also be available for $189.
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The Reader’s Medium – The Pros and Cons of eBooks


kobo ebook reader

As a general rule, I tend to have at least two books on the go at any given time. Before I went in to marketing and copywriting, I worked in a large bookstore. The walls of my living room are lined with bookshelves that are overflowing with works of fantasy, biographies, cookbooks, atlases, encyclopedias, you name it. In short, I love books. They are and have been the cornerstone of society for many, many centuries.

But apparently it’s all changing. Last year, Amazon said that eBooks were outselling hardcovers. During my 45 minute bus commute to work every day, I see at least five people with their eyes glued to some form of eReader. I do still see people reading books the old fashioned way, but it seems that more and more often, I’m seeing electronic books.

I’ve been toying with the idea of purchasing some form of eBook reader or downloading eBooks for my BlackBerry for a couple of months now, but I’m still on the fence about it. Here’s what I know about eBooks:
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