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Are small businesses the next target for smartphone companies?


Two girls sell BlackBerrys for cheap on a 3 year contract

According to the latest study by Access Markets International (AMI) Partners, approximately 31% of U.S small businesses (or SBs, defined as companies with less than 99 employees) are now using smartphones, with an additional 11% who do not use them saying plan to purchase one — equating to approximately 400,000 U.S. small businesses using smartphones.

What do these growth numbers mean? Money, and lots of it. AMI-Partners forecasts that U.S. SBs will spend a total of US$375 million on these devices alone (without services expense) in 5 years. This is a rate 6 times greater than the estimated spending of medium businesses (MBs, or companies with 100 to 999 employees).

How this might affect RIM’s game, and a fine BlackBerry Limeade recipie behind the jump!

WES Exhibitor Spotlight: AMI


AMI logoAMI, or Activity Management Inc., offers the Insight service, which tracks employees that work outside the office, giving up-to-date information on their current location and how long client visits last. The software works by using the concept of “geocodes” and “geofences.” A geocode is simply a translation of a physical street address into latitude and longitude coordinates. A geofence is an area centered on a geocode that precisely describes the area a client site encompasses. When an employee enters the geofence their exact arrival time is recorded, while their departure time is recorded when they leave. All the information is recorded in a database, which managers can query to get daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly reports on employee visits.