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Former BlackBerry and BlackBerryCool Editor Doug Soltys Talks IBM and Apple Deal


Doug Soltys is the former Editor in Chief of BlackBerryCool as well as a former employee of BlackBerry as its Blog Manager. Today, he spoke on CBC’s The National to discuss the partnership between Apple and IBM.

It’s an interesting discussion as everyone wants to know how this partnership will affect BlackBerry. While Apple doesn’t have the ultra-high security needed for government and defense, those clients may pale in significance to the clients that IBM may lure to Apple with its enterprise app offerings. Also, it’s worth noting that IBM has 430,000 employees and Apple shipped 50x what BlackBerry shipped in Q4 2013. It’s an uphill battle for sure.

Here is a link to The National’s video on the IBM and Apple deal with Doug coming in at the end.

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Analysts Are Pressuring RIM and Investors to Change Executive Management


Northern Securities analyst Sameet Kanade, recently wrote an open letter to RIM, asking the company to consider dropping Balsillie as a co-CEO, among other recommendations. There are other analysts who seem to be echoing this sentiment such as Charter Equity analyst Ed Snyder, who said “Jim and Mike brought the company to where it is … which is part of the biggest problem they’re facing.” He added, “They’re stuck in the past. They know what worked and keep playing that card and it’s not working any more, and they don’t seem to have any ideas.”

To remove Jim or Mike would be really difficult. At a capitalization of $23 billion, investors would have to fork over more than $1 billion to gain enough control to have any influence. Some analysts are suggesting it may happen with an activist, a person who invests in the company and attracts other like-minded investors to help gain control. One way to defend against an activist is to raise the stock value and make it more expensive to gain control of the company. In the past year, RIM has lost a quarter of its stock price, which now is very undervalued. It’s not clear if anything will satisfy the naysayers, or if they’re just out to slam RIM regardless of what it does.

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RBC Believes RIM Has Sold 250,000+ BlackBerry PlayBook Tablets to Date


playbook stack

According to Mike Abramsky, General Manager at RBC Capital Markets, RIM has sold around 250,000 PlayBooks to date. The claim comes from a note to investors that uses channel checks and states that sales have been steady since launch. According to Abramsky, RIM could move 500,000 units during the first quarter and it’s possible that new models will increase these sales. Even with the increase due to new models, it’s not clear if RBC’s earlier projections of 4 million units in 2011 and 6 million units total in the PlayBook’s first 12 months of availability will end up accurate. Nonetheless, it looks like the PlayBook is off to a decent start. So if you’re a developer wondering whether it’s worth porting your app to the PlayBook, this should help in that decision making process. Also, keep in mind that PlayBook users are starving for apps and are probably more likely to download and pay for your product.

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Analysts Make Sweeping Judgements About Smartphone Industry


Analysts are getting ridiculous these days: making far fetched claims about the smartphone industry without adequately justifying their statements. Most recently, analysts have taken to saying “BB is ded, go get iphone insted.” The barely intelligible statement will probably hit RIM’s stock again, which is already taking a beating. It’s statements like these that don’t take into account the fact that RIM is quarter over quarter shipping millions of smartphones and managed to weather one of the worst recessions in history. In any case, see the above video for evidence of analysts spreading their bias, without giving us any long term statistical analysis that proves their hard line stance against RIM and its products.

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Now Seems Like a Great Time to Buy RIMM Stock



RIMM stock took a pretty incredible nose dive yesterday after the quarterly conference call. Investors have been really bearish on the stock for a few reasons including:

1) Initial reviews of the PlayBook
2) Worldwide shipments are slowing
3) Lack of ability to create hyped launches
4) Rumored carrier support withdrawal
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Nokia and Microsoft Merger Could Benefit RIM Through Carrier Promotions


Nokia and Microsoft

Citi analyst Jim Suva has turned 180 on RIM’s stock due to the recent news between Nokia and Microsoft. With Nokia adopting the WIndows Phone 7 OS, carriers are seeing Nokia (a sell rated stock) as unstable with an unrealized product strategy. Suva thinks that this will push the carriers to promote other devices such as BlackBerry, Android and Apple.
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