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Kaufman Bros. Analyst Reiterates Claim of PlayBook Low Battery Life



Last week we wrote about Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu who was making the claim that the PlayBook’s battery life was under-performing, and that RIM would delay the launch of the PlayBook in order to find an adequate solution. RIM responded to the claim saying that “Any testing or observation of battery life to date by anyone outside of RIM would have been performed using pre-beta units that were built without power management implemented.” Recently, Shaw Wu reiterated the claim saying he would be “very surprised if PlayBook matches anywhere near the battery life of the iPad at 10 hours unless it uses a larger battery.”

One of the main reasons the PlayBook could face battery life issues is the incorporation of Flash in the platform. Here is how Shaw Wu breaks down the three main areas where battery life can be negatively impacted:
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Rumor: PlayBook Launch Pushed Back to Improve Battery Life


playbook hands on
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Shaw Wu, analyst with Kaufman Bros, recently said that the PlayBook launch is experiencing some delays due to the fact that currently, the device is experiencing relatively poor battery life. Apparently, the device’s charge will only last just a few hours, and while the device is still in development, RIM has had to postpone the launch to the May 2011 quarter.

“From our understanding, this [is] likely why RIMM pushed out its launch to the May 2011 quarter,” Wu writes. “Keep in mind that QNX (the OS on which PlayBook runs) wasn’t originally designed for mobile environments but rather for devices like network equipment and automobiles where battery life isn’t as much a constraint.”
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More Takeover Rumors: Cisco Could Buy Research in Motion?


cisco blackberry takeover

Analysts are all over the place with takeover rumors and the most recent is from a UBS analyst who says RIM could be the target of a takeover by Cisco. According to analyst Phillip Huang, Cisco and RIM have more synergies than with Microsoft, and a takeover could happen if RIM’s stock gets low enough.

“Though we see RIM facing many challenges, we see timing of (the) impact of some as overstated and believe material share devaluation from current levels make RIM a potential M & A (merger and acquisition) target,” Huang wrote in a research note.
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Analyst Report Describes 2 Upcoming Touch BlackBerrys and QNX OS Rollout


blackberry torch with qnx os mockup

A Jefferies analyst note recently discussed two upcoming Storm series devices. We have heard rumors that the Storm series will be killed from a marketing perspective, so perhaps these devices will be part of a new line entirely, or perhaps will be given individual names. In any case, it’s a little too early to tell.

The analyst report says we could see the launch of a non-haptic touch “Storm 3″ in late November, followed by the PlayBook which is rumored to launch in late February/early March. The non-haptic touch “Storm 3″ will be similar to the Storm2 refresh we’ve been hearing about which is rumored to be canceled (typical blog story: a rumored device is rumored to be canceled).

There is also a rumored BlackBerry scheduled for the first half of 2011, which has an “iPhone-like form factor, but slimmer” and could be running a QNX OS like the PlayBook. This would coincide with what RIM has said will be a full portfolio transition to the QNX OS, which the Jefferies report says will happen by the 2nd half of 2011.

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Analysts Claim RIM is Dead but they Underestimate the QNX OS


RIM secret weapon

Recently, analysts from all over the Internet have been saying that RIM is dead in the water and it’s only a matter of time until they become like Palm. It’s hard to not believe them too. Sure, RIM does have 40 million or so subscribers but much of their growth is coming from the consumer market, which they’re losing ground to Android and iPhone. The latest attempts to address the fierce competition for consumers includes the BlackBerry Torch, of which analysts claim sales weren’t great, and BlackBerry 6, which even RIM modestly called “not an evolutionary leap”. But does all of this really mean RIM is dead? I recently read a great article from Alec Saunders’ blog, addressing this issue and it’s an article many of these analysts would do well reading. The Secret Weapon that RIM is working on, which could be the equivalent of a giant Death Star of doom for Apple and Google, is the QNX acquisition.
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Analyst Claims Torch Sales Had No Meaningful Impact on AT&T Revenue


blackberry torch

A Pacific Crest analyst James Faucette claims that the BlackBerry Torch failed to make any significant impact on revenue between RIM and AT&T. In a research note he wrote: “We believe that the Torch has settled into a stable sell-through level while not meaningfully affecting BlackBerry’s overall revenue with AT&T despite rising average selling prices.

Pacific Crest claims that the Torch has cannibalized a substantial portion of Bold sales, and those who are still purchasing a Bold are doing so because of a preference for OS 5. To cap off a poor review of RIM’s device sales, Faucette writes: “We believe RIM is entering into a downward margin spiral.”
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