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Flurry App Analytics for BlackBerry 10 Arriving Q2


Flurry is an analytics tool that delivers user and usage data to the developer to help them improve and polish their apps. With over 170000 apps already in the BlackBerry 10 ecosystem, Flurry is sure to raise the quality and user experience of these apps over the long term. Continue reading ‘Flurry App Analytics for BlackBerry 10 Arriving Q2′

Developers – How Will You Leverage Analytics for Your BlackBerry 10 Games and Apps?


One of the most critical elements of creating a great app or game is the ability to analyse what your users are doing, and be able to respond and iterate accordingly. Are a lot of users getting stuck with a particular UI element? Time to recode it and make it easier. Are your players finding a particular level too easy? Time to make it harder. It’s through a variety of analytics tools that developers are able to do this. Companies such as Flurry, Google and Kontagent are all available to developers on iOS and Android, but what will BlackBerry 10 developers use? If you’re a developer making apps or games for BlackBerry 10, tell us what tools you’re using or considering. Keep reading for more details.
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Polar Mobile Launches New Platform: MediaEverywhere


Polar Mobile has worked with lots of media companies to bring their brands in to the mobile era. After years of working closely with clients to develop the ideal mobile media solutions, Polar Mobile has been working on a new system making it easier than ever to bring your content to mobile in a user-friendly way.
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Track Email and Gain Insight With ContactMonkey Bridge Plugin


ContactMonkey is the startup that recently brought a simple way to share your contact information via an email signature. The idea is brilliant in that it allows you to provide someone with a single landing page, formatted for mobile, that you can share and have all your details downloaded. The company’s latest product is the Bridge Plugin and it allows you to track who is opening your emails as well as view analytics around who you’re emailing most and when.
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