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RIM Makes First Move on Pulling Red Light and Speed Trap Apps


As far as we can tell, App World is the first app storefront to pull apps that “encourage drunk driving”. The problem is that these apps aren’t targeted to promoting drunk driving, but rather bill themselves as apps to avoid speed traps and red light cameras (not necessarily a good thing to promote avoiding). It’s an interesting situation. On the one hand, you don’t want to promote apps that encourage reckless endangerment, but on the other hand, these apps can be used responsibly, reminding you to be cautious and check your speed.
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BlackBerry App World Generates Highest Revenue Per App


IHS table

There’s been a lot of buzz recently over the IHS Screen Digest Table: Global Mobile Applications Store Ranking in 2010 and 2009. Though I’m sure you’ve seen it in many articles, I’ve included here for reference.

Most of the buzz related to this chart has revolved around people saying either Apple still dominates, Android has a weaker showing than expected, or look at how much growth Android has had. Very little has been written about the REAL story that chart is showing: BlackBerry App World generates a higher revenue per app than any other store — by a wide margin. Guess you better drop all your iPhone devs and get working on BlackBerry projects right?Well, maybe, but drastic action to statistics is usually a bad idea. Let’s take a closer look at these numbers and I will make the case that BlackBerry gets hosed by the media in terms of coverage (at least positive coverage) for App World and that, while a drop-everything-for-BlackBerry approach is probably not warranted, if you’re still not considering BlackBerry for app development you are seriously hindering your revenue potential for your product.

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Highest Paid and Free Applications in BlackBerry App World


The latest Distimo report shows the highest ranked paid and free applications in BlackBerry App World, as well as other smartphone platforms such as Nokia’s Ovi, Google Android, Apple iPhone and Windows Mobile. In the May Distimo report, BlackBerry didn’t really have a presence in the “news and noteworthy” section. When it comes to applications, it seems themes are really dominating the lists. Themes are great for customizing your BlackBerry, but it would be good to see more rich applications in App World to demonstrate the power of the platform. Also, the utilities that come are in the top ranked lists seem as though they should be part of the OS and not third party apps. Applications such as QuickPull and MemoryBooster shouldn’t be something the user needs to download.
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What Do Top Paid Apps Say About the Smartphone Platform?


With WES 2010 just around the corner, you can bet RIM are going to make some announcements about App World and the number of applications currently in their portfolio. Mainstream media are constantly quoting app numbers, and comparing the major smartphone platforms purely based on these numbers, without any real understanding of the value that the smartphone user is getting from these apps.

Personally, I think smartphone app value comes from its ability to solve a problem. Can I do something faster or more efficiently with the app? Great, then that app provides real value. Am I saving money with this app? Excellent, sign me up. Everything else, be it games, themes or entertainment, is important to a good app economy, but I’d like to make the argument that it’s not where the real value is in smatphones.

Lets take a look at the top paid apps in Android, BlackBerry and iPhone, to get an idea of the tangible value that these smartphones are providing their uers. By taking the top paid apps, we get an idea for where the users are spending their money, and what they’re getting out of it. I’ve only listed the top 10, but I’ve linked to where the rest of the apps can be found, and I’m trying to be as general as possible.
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Distimo Report Compares Mobile Games on Smartphones


Distimo have released their latest report based on 2010 data that compares games in the Apple App Store, BlackBerry App World, Google Android Market, Nokia Ovi Store and Windows Marketplace. The major findings of the report include:

  • Games on the Windows Marketplace and BlackBerry App World are most expensive at $4.91 and $4.60 (on average) respectively.
  • The Games category on the Apple App Store with the most titles available is Puzzle.
  • Games published in the Role Playing category on the Apple App Store are most expensive, averaging $7.96 per game. Most other game categories average between $1.30 and $2.60.
  • 22% of the most grossing game titles in the Apple App Store were published in the Action category. The Arcade and Adventure categories were second and third with 12% and 9%, respectively. Interestingly enough, although the Puzzle category is the largest games category in the Apple App Store, relatively few of these games generate enough revenue to be ranked among the top grossing game titles.

To download the report yourself, grab it from the Distimo site.
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We Might Have Different Smartphones But Our Apps Are The Same



According to Mplayit, the latest “social app store”, regardless of smartphone, we’re all using the same apps. Mplayit tracked 42,000 visitors and their app preferences and it turns out that regardless of platform, the same apps tended to be most popular. Apps like Evernote, Shazam, Pandora, Yelp, Nimbuzz and Facebook all appeared at the top of the charts.
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