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What If Apple Simply Doesn’t Approve BBM for iOS?


There’s been a lot of talk about BBM going cross-platform since it was announced at BlackBerry Live 2013, but the conversation has largely been centered around whether BBM going cross-platform is good for device sales. The real question people should be asking, especially employees of BlackBerry, is whether they’ll be able to get in the App Store in the first place. There are several App Store submission guidelines that BBM violates, as well as the ultimate guideline which is “whatever Apple wants.”
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BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Gaining Traction in North America


The successor to BlackBerry Enterprise Server, BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 is a cross-platform mobility management and deployment solution that gives you all sorts of options for smartphone and tablets wether they be corporate issued or BYOD. Continue reading ‘BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Gaining Traction in North America’

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Goes Cross-Platform Summer 2013


At BlackBerry Live 2013, BlackBerry has just made a pretty major announcement. As of Summer 2013, BBM will be cross platform. This has been discussed for some time and many have debated whether or not it will happen. On the one hand, many thought that it wouldn’t happen because it’s a crucial customer retention tool for BlackBerry. On the other hand, users want to be able to communicate with their friends, regardless of what smartphone they use.

When BBM launches for other platforms this summer, it will have Messaging and Groups features for iOS 6 users and Android users running Ice Cream Sandwich. For the following updates, other platforms will get BBM Voice, Screensharing and BBM Channels.

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BlackBerry Working With Soc.io Android App Store to Bring More Apps to BlackBerry 10


BlackBerry and the developer relations team has done a great job bringing lots of Android apps to the new Z10. I see a lot of games on BlackBerry World are Android ports and they seem perform as if they were coded natively. BlackBerry has been working with Soc.io, one of the top Android app stores to bring even more apps over to the budding platform.
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5 Reasons the BlackBerry 10 “App Gap” Is Not As Big of a Deal As They Claim


I’ve been using the BlackBerry Z10 for a couple weeks now when people ask about what I don’t like about the device, I immediately talk about the “App Gap”. The fact that the platform doesn’t have Instagram, Skype, Netflix, Snapchat and other apps that people have come to love on the other platforms, is the most obvious downside to the device. The App Gap has got me thinking though, is this really a problem? After giving it some consideration, I’ve thought of 5 clear reasons why the App Gap is not as big of a deal as people will have you believe.
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Cell Phone Trackers Can Do A Lot!


There are a lot of applications that you may now access and utilize to make your everyday tasks easier. Tracking systems like BlackBerry cell phone trackers allow you to do a number of things in a snap. Trackers basically function the way GPS does.
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