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What Games Do You Want to Play on Your BlackBerry Z10 or PlayBook #BlackBerry10


If you’re into flinging birds, high-fiving scientists, protecting your lawn from zombies or just doing a crossword with your morning coffee, you can get your fix on BB10. These four apps are just a small sample of developers who took the time to develop for BlackBerry 10.
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Love Birds Catapult Style Game Available for the PlayBook


According to the developer of Love Birds, “not all birds are angry!” We thought that was pretty cute. Love Birds is an Angry Birds/catapult style game where the objective is to bring to Love Birds together. The design of the game is really unique and the color scheme is definitely more relaxing.
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Angry Birds Now Available for the BlackBerry PlayBook


One thing you hear often when reading about the BlackBerry Platform is that “BlackBerry doesn’t have Angry Birds”. It’s often used as a major negative against the platform even though there are plenty of other games. RIM announced that the PlayBook would have Angry Birds and today it is now available. It’s also interesting to note that since it’s available now for the PlayBook, it should also be available on smarpthones when the BlackBerry 10 devices launch.
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Pandas vs Ninjas Game Now Available for Free


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XIMAD Launches Angry Birds Clone Game Pandas vs Ninjas for BlackBerry


pandas vs ninjas by ximad

After thinking about it a little more, we love Angry Birds clones. The game style is a lot of fun and switching up the animations is no different than the millions of Brick Breaker clones. XIMAD has recently launched Pandas vs Ninjas, an Angry Birds alternative. The game features some cute animations and is void of any advertising. This game doesn’t really require any explanation as we’re all familiar with the catapult style game. It would be nice if there was a free trial, even if it was just one level, but the reviews so far seem positive.

Check out Pandas vs Ninjas in App World.

For any iPhone users out there, you might like Angry Hipsters.

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BlackBerry App Developers Don’t Promote Success Stories


app store downloads

There has been a pretty consistent narrative being told by both media and analysts: BlackBerry as a platform is falling behind in providing consumers with decent applications and developers aren’t interested in the platform. Media will have you believe that it’s too difficult to code for BlackBerry, or that there isn’t any money to be made, but this simply isn’t true. It’s not that difficult to code for BlackBerry, especially now that there’s support for HTML apps. But what attracts a developer to the platform? I’d argue it has more to do with success stories and the potential to make something great. There is something inherently wrong with not BlackBerry as a platform, but as an existing developer base, and probably the media supporting it (BlackBerryCool et al is also somewhat to blame), that the right stories aren’t being told. Where are the success stories of big download and revenue milestones? They’re ever present in iOS blogs, but it’s hard to find the same stories on the BlackBerry platform, even though they exist.

Here are a few examples of powerful money stories that have been told for iOS:
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