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Review of Angry Farm: The Angry Birds Clone for BlackBerry


angry farm

Angry Farm has been generating a lot of buzz lately, mostly because BlackBerry users have been craving their own version of one of the most popular mobile games ever made. The game’s addictive and fun gameplay, as well as its creative use of a touchscreen, put it a notch above the rest. A lot of users are probably curious about what it’s like, especially considering the $4.99 pricetag with no trial.

Some of the App World reviews of Angry Farm are pretty harsh, comparing it to the iOS version in terms of physics and responsiveness. While I have played Angry Birds for the iPhone, I played a polished version and can’t speak to the very first version they launched. It’s important to remember that in the app business, it’s not uncommon to launch first, churn and update your product until it’s totally polished. It’s a Guy Kawasaki approach to app development and while it may bother some users, I think it’s more important to rush a product to market so you have the dollars to improve it. We know the guys at Smarter Apps and they’re good at what they do. They’ll surely keep an eye on this product and update. Also, they have explicitly promised “free upgrades to all existing customers forever.”
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Hopefully This Isn’t Instagram for BlackBerry



Sean Percival, VP of Online Marketing at MySpace took a jab at BlackBerry by posting the above joke screenshot of Instagram for BlackBerry. Percival’s intent was to see how well a piece of content could go viral within the Instagram ecosystem, but it’s not very original. The joke is just a copy of the Angry Birds for BlackBerry screenshot that went viral a little while ago. MySpace is going to need a lot more in the way of creativity if it’s going to survive its almost certain plunge into obsolescence.

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