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BlackBerry Curve 8350i coming to Latin American via NII


BlackBerry Curve 8350iGreat news for iDEN BlackBerry users not on the Sprint network. RIM and NII Holdings jointly announced the impending release of the BlackBerry Curve 8350i in Latin America during Q1 of 2009. the iDEN BlackBerry will see release in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and Peru.

For those not in the know, the BlackBerry Curve 8350i is the first iDEN BlackBerry since the old 7100i, and features push-to-talk capability as well as Wi-Fi. There are about 10 million North and South American iDEN subscribers eager to get their hands on this device. You can read the full press release after the jump.

BlackBerry Curve 8350i coming to Latin America

Welcome to the new BlackBerry Cool!!


BlackBerry Cool mobile

Mmm, can you smell that? It’s my most favorite smell in the world: new car smell. After running up the mileage way past warranty on the old BBCool, it was time to start fresh. While upon first glance the changes may seem entirely aesthetic, the new BlackBerry Cool is much more than a fresh coat of paint. We’ve completely overhauled the site from the ground up to make way for more improvements/cool features to appear in the coming weeks and months.

So please, do us a favor and kick the tires a bit; we’re sure to have missed some things along the way. If you notice any bugz/glitches/browser weirdness, please ping us using our contact form with the heading ‘NEW BBCOOL’. You can also post a comment and let us know what you think – please keep all criticism constructive.

Big shout out to the entire BBCool/Smoke Labs team for making this happen so fast!


NSFW: Pinota offers ‘BlackBerry Porn’ Beta


Our sister site QuicklyBored is interested in all things entertainment on your mobile, and I guess this applies. A company named Pinota (Finnish for “to stack”) has released the first and only adult entertainment network for BlackBerry.

Right now, they’re offering a sign up to be a beta tester at:


Just don’t let your boss catch you ‘going beta’ on your BlackBerry at work, if you know what I mean.

(via QuicklyBored)

Gmail Mobile 2.0.6 now released for BlackBerry


Much like Kevin, I too spent most of my time at the BBDC praising the two nice gents from Google, but soon left them alone after they refused my third request for a job (one day…). Turns out it was a good thing I left them alone, as they were busy prepping an update to Gmail Mobile 2.0. Gmail Mobile has always been a must-have app for Gmail users that want to keep their Gmails separate from their regular BlackBerry inbox, and the Google team has made it even better. The most notable updates are basic offline support and multiple account management, but you can see the full update breakdown after the jump!

Head to m.google.com/mail to download the new version. Google: my offer still stands. I will work for peanuts.

Gmail Mobile 2.0.6 updates

WICKSoft launches Atachment Viewer for BlackBerry


wicksoft mobile document

Some of you may think that the release of the BlackBerry Bold and OS 4.6 has solved the attachment viewing problem on the BlackBerry (the Bold comes with various free DataViz Documents to Go applications). However, most BlackBerry users aren’t Bold users and there are many devices out there that won’t be able to update to higher OS versions (how many people are still waiting for OS 4.5?).

WICKSoft has released their Attachment Viewer for BlackBerry, which supports all BlackBerry devices (even the 7290!), more document formats (e.g. OpenOffice) and loads quicker than Documents to Go. WICKSoft gave me the application earlier this week and I can say that it’s much easier to use when you’re looking at attachments with multiple pages; the increased speed really reduces the frustration factor of waiting for pages to load. You can see the full press release and some images after the jump.

WICKSoft Attachment Viewer Release

Pyxis Mobile releases SmartFlicks, will present at BlackBerry Cool 15


SmartFlicks for BlackBerry

The fine folks at Pyxis Mobile pinged me last night to let me know that they have released a beta version of SmartFlicks for BlackBerry. SmartFlicks is a Netflix client that is impressive not only for what it does, but for how it was made. Apparently, Pyxis leveraged the same client and codebase used to service their financial services customers to build the application in a day. Also, because the application is ‘built’ on your BlackBerry when you run it, Pyxis can add features and enhancements at any time that will appear in SmartFlicks the next time you log in.

You can download the SmartFlicks for BlackBerry beta after the jump, but if you’re attending the BlackBerry Developer Conference, make sure to swing by the BlackBerry Cool 15 and watch Arun Nagarajan of Pyxis Mobile demonstrate SmartFlicks and the technology behind it in person!

SmartFlicks Beta Download