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Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey Was Inspired by RIM 850 Pager


BlackBerry 850 Pager

Twitter has become an integral part of the BlackBerry experience. With a RIM-developed Twitter client and a close-working relationship, the two companies have a close-knit relationship. Apparently, Twitter’s founder, Jack Dorsey, was inspired to create Twitter while using the RIM 850 Pager. According to Dorsey:

“I loved seeing at a glance my friends status updates. But I also really appreciated at the same time the dispatch aspect, where you’re out in the world doing something away from the keyboard and IM did not allow that,” said Dorsey. “I had a RIM pager, the 850, the first email device. I programed a system where I could fire off an email from that and set my status from anywhere. And it worked! And I was able to also at a regular interval pull my buddy list and get those updates sent to my email address. It was awesome! But the number of people who had those mobile devices was so minimal that the timing was just not right. This was 2001.”

The concept of automatic status updates is interesting and it’s lost on a lot of modern services. Consider the “check-in fatigue” that foursquare users experience. An automatic status update or check-in, is way ahead of its time and much needed for social networks that require manual input.

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Details on the upcoming updates for BIS 2.5 BlackBerry IM clients



Third party BlackBerry Instant Messaging clients are a key component of the BlackBerry experience. Rumor has it that around mid/late September (new device time!), BlackBerry IM clients such as Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, Google Talk and ICQ will see some really decent updates.

Your third party BlackBerry IM clients will be updated with the following features:

  • Add dedicated icons to the Home Screen for one-click access to conversation boxes of specific contacts. The icon appears as the contact’s display picture or avatar
  • Add contacts and display pictures or avatars to the address book to easily send instant messages, email messages, SMS text messages, or place a call right from the address book or conversation box
  • Search through saved conversations
  • Add dedicated emoticon icons in the conversation box

What updates would you like to see?
Click through to read about the updated BlackBerry IM clients

IM+ All-in-One Messenger for BlackBerry now 50% off



The Deal of the Day was a huge success on BlackBerry Cool and we’ll continue running it every Friday. Each week, we’ll choose a new product and slash the price in half. This week’s deal is IM+ All-in-One Messenger.

IM+ All-in-One-Messenger by SHAPE Services is normally priced at $39.95, and today we’re giving it away at $19.97. IM+ has recently been updated to version 8.0 which supports MSN/Windows Live, Yahoo!, ICQ, AOL, Google Talk, Jabber, MySpace IM, Facebook chat, and Twitter.

This is a great messenger which you may have considered overpriced at first, but now affordable.

Purchase IM+All-in-One Messenger for $19.97.

Stay tuned for our next Deal of the Day!


BlackBerry Instant Messaging Clients (Head-to-Head Review)


BlackBerry Instant Messenger Clients Review

After encountering a half-zillion different IM clients the other week, we thought it might be prudent to throw them all in the ring together and see how they compare. It’s a beefy list, indeed… in terms of stand-alone clients, we have BlackBerry Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, and Google Talk. Among the multi-platform apps, we have Palringo, IM+, Mundu, Instango, JiveTalk, and WebMessenger.

AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ and Microsoft Live Messenger are also options if you’re packing a supported device.

The full monster-god of BlackBerry instant messenger reviews is behind the jump!

Palm Centro coming to Sprint


Palm CentroGizmodo’s procured a press shot of Palm’s upcoming device, the Centro, and given a few extra details, Palm may be working its way where RIM’s presence is negligible. The Centro will be geared towards the youth bracket, with a pricetag to match: $99. Sprint will have an exclusive deal for 90 days before other carriers will start seeing it. EVDO speeds plus touchscreen and a full QWERTY keypad make for a decent package at that price. The picture also has MSN, Yahoo! and AOL IM clients all in tabbed view, which is another step in the right direction for capturing a younger market. Is the Centro something that a BlackBerry-toting dad would get for his kid over, say, a Sidekick iD?