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PhoneGap Bootcamp Is 2 Days of Converting Mobile Apps To Web



PhoneGap Bootcamp is a project by Demian Borba (and I’m sure other collaborators) who is a Developer Envangelist at BlackBerry. PhoneGap Bootcamp is 2 days of intense training converting mobile apps using Cordova for iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10, focusing on single page apps and performance. It sounds like an awesome event and if you want it in your area, you can apply on their site.
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New software offers context-based mobile web browsing


Contextual Menus5o9, a company aiming to revolutionize mobile web browsing, has let us know that they’re working on support for BlackBerry now that Windows Mobile and Symbian platforms are just about done. Last week we got a comment from someone telling us how their software was bypassing data rates for LBS services, so we were obviously a little curious in what they had to offer. After having a lengthy chat with Peter from 5o9, he laid out how their server-side module did a lot more than just LBS. The idea is that owners put a little something called Mod_Mobile on their servers and put some code in the header of their page. (Techies might remember the name… 5o9 are the same guys that made mod_gzip). Users with the browser plug-in MobileMe installed then have site navigation shunted over to their browser menus.
But the real exciting thing is how MobileMe remembers who you are and changes your browsing experience…