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Buy Blokus For Mac And Get Your Game, Portfolio or Resume Reviewed



Here’s a fun deal: Blokus is now available for the Mac App Store and if you buy it (just $3), you can have your game, portfolio or resume reviewed by myself. Buy a fun game and get your resume reviewed by someone in the industry that hires. It’s a win-win!

Send me a screenshot of the purchase confirmation and attach your resume. I’ll have the feedback to you by the end of the week.

Note: This offer is only available for today and tomorrow (July 15th). Feel free to forward to friends looking for a job!

Buy the game at this Mac App Store link.

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BlackBerry App World Reviews Becoming Increasingly Diverse



When you look at BlackBerryCool.com’s traffic over the years, there’s been a major shift in the readership’s location that has shifted in direct proportion to where the majority of BlackBerry users come from. Back in 2009, traffic was mostly the US, UK and Canada. Now, Indonesia, India and Latin America, represent the lion’s share of traffic. One place you can see this demographic shift is in the BlackBerry World reviews.
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The Top 5 Vendors on iOS By Number of Apps Submitted to the App Store


Recently, there has been a lot of talk about how one BlackBerry World vendor, S4BB, has submitted 47,000+ apps to store and that it doesn’t bode well for BlackBerry’s view that it was about “quality, not quantity”. We decided to do some investigating with the help of the guys at Pretzil.com, to find out exactly how many apps the top 5 vendors, by number of apps, have submitted. Nobody comes close with the most number of apps submitted by a single vendor being 2,168.
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Prediction: Eventually All Applications Will be Free


smartphone apps

The app economy is growing at a pretty tremendous rate and one of the major innovations in the space is in-app purchasing. With in-app purchasing, users are downloading the apps for free, and purchasing upgrades or new features to the app. There’s a lot of cool stuff you can do with in-app purchasing like buy new levels in a game, buy virtual currencies or credits, or upgrade the app in a free-trial sense.

With in-app purchasing, developers will see far more downloads because there is no barrier to entry. With a free app, users can download the app and see whether it’s worth purchasing. Since there are far more opportunities to monetize the app, and users can choose what they want to pay for rather than put the money upfront, there will be more money spent and more satisfied users. We’re seeing a lot of growth with in-app purchases and my prediction is that this strategy is so successful, we’ll soon see the end of paid apps entirely.
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RIM Makes First Move on Pulling Red Light and Speed Trap Apps


As far as we can tell, App World is the first app storefront to pull apps that “encourage drunk driving”. The problem is that these apps aren’t targeted to promoting drunk driving, but rather bill themselves as apps to avoid speed traps and red light cameras (not necessarily a good thing to promote avoiding). It’s an interesting situation. On the one hand, you don’t want to promote apps that encourage reckless endangerment, but on the other hand, these apps can be used responsibly, reminding you to be cautious and check your speed.
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BlackBerry App World Generates Highest Revenue Per App


IHS table

There’s been a lot of buzz recently over the IHS Screen Digest Table: Global Mobile Applications Store Ranking in 2010 and 2009. Though I’m sure you’ve seen it in many articles, I’ve included here for reference.

Most of the buzz related to this chart has revolved around people saying either Apple still dominates, Android has a weaker showing than expected, or look at how much growth Android has had. Very little has been written about the REAL story that chart is showing: BlackBerry App World generates a higher revenue per app than any other store — by a wide margin. Guess you better drop all your iPhone devs and get working on BlackBerry projects right?Well, maybe, but drastic action to statistics is usually a bad idea. Let’s take a closer look at these numbers and I will make the case that BlackBerry gets hosed by the media in terms of coverage (at least positive coverage) for App World and that, while a drop-everything-for-BlackBerry approach is probably not warranted, if you’re still not considering BlackBerry for app development you are seriously hindering your revenue potential for your product.

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