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Total Apps-Duplicates-eBooks-Themes=Under 9K Apps in App World


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Recently, we screenscraped the App World database for a project we’re working on and we came up with some interesting data. After scraping the site, we found:

Total apps; 22,715 (of that 5,150 are eBooks)

There are also duplicate apps. App World is the only portal to allow 2 vendors to use the same app name. When you subtract duplicates, you get 19,395 apps (including eBooks).

To figure out exactly how many unique apps we have in App World, we take:
19.395 unique apps
Minus 5,150 eBooks
Minus 5,574 themes
= 8671 unique apps
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Should Application Storefronts Allow App Name Duplication?


glucose tracker in app world
“Glucose Tracker” search results in App World

It looks like App World is the only major smartphone storefront to allow for app name duplication. A search of “glucose tracker” in App World, App Store and the Android Market, reveals that only BlackBerry returns the same app name from two different companies. It’s not clear whether this is an oversight on RIM’s part, or if the company is taking a stance on the issue by allowing app name duplication.

On the one hand, this can cause some headaches with two companies confusing marketing efforts, or having their support lines crossed by users unsure of which company to contact. From a user perspective, it’s not much of a concern because you generally make your app download/purchase decision based on other factors such as reviews, recommendations and price.
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BlackBerry App World 2.0 Expectations High Post WWDC


It looks like RIM is announcing App World 2.0 on June 16th, as they’ve sent out invitations to a press event where they’re showing “what’s new in BlackBerry App World”. We’re not sure exactly what they’ll be announcing, but RIM is fairly predictable in its announcement strategy. The general approach is tell you what they’re going to announce and then 10 months or so later have an event where they say “we said we would deliver X and here it is.”

So what did they say will arrive for App World 2.0? Here is what we’re expecting:

  • Credit card billing
  • Carrier billing
  • Preload on all OS 5 devices and higher
  • WiFi downloads
  • Desktop catalog to mirror on-device App World
  • Microtransactions for games, premium video content etc.
  • More account management options and search improvements
  • Greater number of enterprise apps in the catalog (new category perhaps)
  • Free and Paid catalogs in all countries App World currently supports

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Apple WWDC Takeaways from a BlackBerry User Perspective


Today, Steve Jobs presented his State of the Apple keynote address at WWDC. The event began with some interesting data regarding the platform, and culminated in the launch of the iPhone 4. As usual, the event was generally well put together, with only a minor hiccup in the demo process because according to the organizers, 570 WiFi base stations in the room kills connectivity.

In the introduction phase of the keynote, Jobs pointed out some interesting statistics about their App Store. There are currently 225,000 apps, with 15k apps submitted every week, in 30 different languages and 95% are approved within 7 days. In order to address the media’s attention over those apps which are not approved, Jobs pointed out that apps that are not approved are for the following three reasons:
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What Do Top Paid Apps Say About the Smartphone Platform?


With WES 2010 just around the corner, you can bet RIM are going to make some announcements about App World and the number of applications currently in their portfolio. Mainstream media are constantly quoting app numbers, and comparing the major smartphone platforms purely based on these numbers, without any real understanding of the value that the smartphone user is getting from these apps.

Personally, I think smartphone app value comes from its ability to solve a problem. Can I do something faster or more efficiently with the app? Great, then that app provides real value. Am I saving money with this app? Excellent, sign me up. Everything else, be it games, themes or entertainment, is important to a good app economy, but I’d like to make the argument that it’s not where the real value is in smatphones.

Lets take a look at the top paid apps in Android, BlackBerry and iPhone, to get an idea of the tangible value that these smartphones are providing their uers. By taking the top paid apps, we get an idea for where the users are spending their money, and what they’re getting out of it. I’ve only listed the top 10, but I’ve linked to where the rest of the apps can be found, and I’m trying to be as general as possible.
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BlackBerryCool Roundup for the Week of March 29th


The biggest news this week is definitely the relaunch of our mobile app store. The mobile site is greatly improved, and the on device app store has gone version 2.0. With the new on-device app store, you can browse apps, themes, games and accessories, which are all nicely grouped making the experience smoother. To promote the new app store launch, mobihand have a great contest where they’re giving away a 32GB WiFi iPad and some apps. Scroll down to the Contests section of this week’s roundup for more details.
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