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Vinyl Collectors, Check Out “Can You Dig It: Rare Soul 45s” App for BlackBerry 10


Can You Dig It: Rare Soul 45s, is an app that’s completely unique and targeted. With Can You Dig It, you can search a catalog of 4500+ rare soul 45s, with access to label scans, YouTube videos and pricing. The app was created by Scott Birksted, a developer at BlackBerry on the App World team. It’s cool to see BlackBerry employees getting behind the platform and making their own apps. Read on for more details about Can You Dig It.
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Games for Playbook: Angry Birds 2.3.0


Rovio is yet another publisher showing confidence in the BlackBerry Playbook as they push out yet another update to their popular franchise Angry birds.

In version 2.1 we got to see 15 new tropical levels. 2.2 brought us even MORE tropical levels. Today Angry Birds 2.3.0 brings us “PIGGEST levels ever!” says the App World description.

With 45 new levels since the 2.0 release we can keep on flinging birds and crushing pigs to our hearts desire. It’s encouraging to see big publishers showing BlackBerry this much love. Way to lead by example Rovio, we look forward to 2.4!

BlackBerry App World Drops Beta Category From App World and Creates New Categories


Developers just recently got an email from RIM saying there has been some significant changes made to the App World categories. Some of the more notable changes include a Music Creation category (perhaps for more apps like Pace Maker), and the Beta category has been dropped. RIM has also added some new categories for children, which makes sense considering all the new Kids content for PlayBook.
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Buy Your Mom a Mother’s Day BlackBerry Theme [Theme Sale]


There’s a Mother’s Day theme sale going on right now in App World and with App World gifting, you can buy your mom a lovely Mother’s Day theme for her BlackBerry. All the themes are currently $0.99 and would complement any other gift ideas you have nicely. If your mom doesn’t know how to install and download a theme, be sure to gift it and set it all up for her.
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RIM Announces BlackBerry Beta Zone for Business


RIM has announced that it’s successful beta project: Beta Zone will be splitting into two different parts specifically geared towards consumers and businesses. The BlackBerry Beta Zone has been running for 3 years now and has been a wonderful test bed for BlackBerry apps.
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RIM Launches BBM Music for BlackBerry


RIM has launched a music service for BlackBerry Messenger called BBM music. BBM Music is free for the first 60 days, runs on a subscription model and is designed to be more rewarding the more friends you have connected to the service.

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