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BlackBerryCool Roundup for the Week of August 2nd



This week the BlackBerry Torch launched and we have a lot of great content. Make sure to bookmark this page and watch all of the BlackBerry launch event videos we have on the site (more on the way). The BlackBerry Torch launch has been generally a nightmare for RIM from a mainstream media perspective. Several newspapers have negative stories about the Torch on their front page which is really surprising. It seems everyone is forgetting what makes BlackBerry great and why it’s the number 1 smartphone. We’ll have a review up soon so stay tuned.
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App World 2.0 Press Event Takeaways: Consumer Focus is Paramount


The App World 2.0 press event was special for BlackBerry but it also reinforced how App World was still behind relative to the competition. The most important upgrades offered were long overdue such as credit card account-based billing. The BlackBerry ID account system will make it easier than ever to buy content, and it seemed to hint at greater media channel opportunities down the line to every BlackBerry user on the planet.

What pleased me about the App World 2.0 demonstration was the fluidity and finesse of the navigation. The BlackBerry Messenger-like layout translates into a simple amount of menu options and easy browsing of long lists in the way that BlackBerry pioneered: scrolling down. The new storefront is quickly populated by apps and info by way of improved cashing of App World data. Category switching from side to side makes a lot of sense and I can’t wait until they introduce more categories like gaming.
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Highest Paid and Free Applications in BlackBerry App World


The latest Distimo report shows the highest ranked paid and free applications in BlackBerry App World, as well as other smartphone platforms such as Nokia’s Ovi, Google Android, Apple iPhone and Windows Mobile. In the May Distimo report, BlackBerry didn’t really have a presence in the “news and noteworthy” section. When it comes to applications, it seems themes are really dominating the lists. Themes are great for customizing your BlackBerry, but it would be good to see more rich applications in App World to demonstrate the power of the platform. Also, the utilities that come are in the top ranked lists seem as though they should be part of the OS and not third party apps. Applications such as QuickPull and MemoryBooster shouldn’t be something the user needs to download.
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PrivacyStar Weekend Promo – Every 25th User Gets Free Subscription


PrivacyStar are currently running a great promo for the long weekend and Memorial Day. Every 25th person who registers to PrivacyStar through BlackBerry App World will receive a free annual subscription. PrivacyStar comes with a free 7-day trial, so you can take a shot at winning the annual subscription with no commitment. It’s worth a shot! The promotion ends on Monday, May 31st at midnight (ET).

Download PrivacyStar from BlackBerry App World.

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What’s New in BlackBerry App World This Week?


Each week there are a lot of apps submitted to App World and I thought I would give a quick breakdown of what’s available this week. I’m avoiding themes in this roundup because they tend to clutter the app list, and many of them simply aren’t worth downloading. Check after the jump for what’s new in App World.
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App World Recommendations for Wedding Season


RIM sent along their App World recommendations for the wedding season which includes apps such as Total Fitness, Cocktails To Go, KAYAK and Frugalytics. Leave it to RIM to leave out the most important wedding app available – PleasureBerry Turbo! We’ve got their app recommendations after the jump.
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