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Tracking monthly active users for RIM’s Facebook application



I think I’ll start a monthly look at AppData.com because they have been publishing some interesting stats regarding how RIM’s Facebook app for BlackBerry has been performing. All the data is obtained directly from Facebook and you can click the “View Application” link in Facebook to see the application about page for yourself.

Monthly Active Users (MAU) 11,282,355

AppData is reporting that RIM’s Facebook app has 11,282,355 active users which puts it in the number 15 spot on the leaderboard of Facebook apps. Considering there are only around 28.5 million BlackBerry subscribers and Facebook isn’t preloaded on all those devices, it’s definitely an accomplishment.


Daily Active Users (DAU) 6,360,486

With over 6 million users visiting Facebook from their BlackBerry on a daily basis, there is a huge opportunity here for the native Facebook app. This should be justification alone for RIM to spend more money on updating the app to something as close to the full Facebook experience as possible. I would really like to see RIM opening up the app so you can interact with video and the rich media elements of the site.


MAU/DAU 0.56

RIM’s MAU/DAU ratio is really good at 0.56 and it puts them at the number 10 spot on the leaderboard. This tells us that of the total monthly user base, a significant amount of those users are highly active. This is pretty cool considering the app has a really limited amount of functionality, compared to the full Facbeook experience.

It will be interesting to see how the Facebook app evolves as RIM plans to unveil a new Webkit browser. Would this make the app obsolete? I doubt it. Opening up a browser, having to log in (assuming they don’t have a password store feature) and then using the Facebook site is still relatively slow. The Facebook app by RIM could always be your fastest portal into Facebook.

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