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Schedule Email, SMS and PIN Messages with Message Scheduler 2.0


Message Scheduler 2.0 allows you to schedule email, SMS, and PIN messages and share them with friends using an auto SMS forwarding system. The app is also useful for creating groups of contacts which you can message at once easily. Message Scheduler also allows you to use attachments, and has many of the useful features of a mail client such as an outbox for unsent messages and message storage.

Other features include:

View Message history by using Drafts, Sent and Canceled Folder.
Access to Phone Book and Call Logs for fetching Contact.
Add new, delete old and edit old message and save and use.
Message forwarding allow you to share messages to friends.
Once scheduled SMS delivered, It can be viewed in Send Folder.
User can Cancel message, which sends to Cancel Folder, where user can send it again.
Work with both GSM and CDMA Phones.

More information about Message Scheduler available here.

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LinkedIn for BlackBerry – CES 2010


With BlackBerry being historically such a business device, it’s only fitting that there be a proper LinkedIn application – the social network defined specifically for business. With the upcoming LinkedIn app you’ll be able to review profiles before a meeting, integrate LinkedIn contacts into your BlackBerry contacts and know when you’re receiving LinkedIn messages via a hip new icon. Hit up the video for more details.


Call Informer displays contact details before you answer a call



UPDATE: The link has been changed.

One thing I have noticed about the BlackBerry dev community, is that they’re great about making apps that improve the phone’s functionality, rather than just offer a party trick. Not that we don’t have our share of party trick apps, like Fabian’s whip, but there is so much more.

A good example of this is a new app called Call Informer. The app is designed to help sales people quickly identify and respond to incoming calls. Having contact notes available before you answer a call allows you to make informed choices about your response.

When you receive an incoming call from a contact in your address book, Call Infomer displays the following; Caller Name, Organization, Number (inc. type such as Home, Work, Mobile etc), Contact Notes (and previous call notes) and the date/time of the last time this contact called you and the date/time of the last time you called them.

You can update the contact notes right there or you can choose to send an sms to the caller and all of this can be done from one screen before you choose to answer the call.


* Information displayed on screen as call arrives
* Contact notes and time of last phone contact is displayed
* Update contact notes without having to leave screen
* Send sms to caller without having to leave screen
* Perform all actions before answering the call
* Allows you to make informed decisions about your call response

Call Informer is available for $9.50 or on a free trial.


The BlackBerry Cool App Store – better than App World



The BlackBerry Cool App Store is live and I’m serious when I say it’s better than App World. Here are some of the reasons why users should shop in the BlackBerry Cool App Store:

  • Deal-of-the-Day: Exclusive offer of a new top-selling app every day for 50% off
  • Specials: Loads of discounted apps and bundles can be found daily
  • Themes, themes, and more themes: we offer thousands of themes (App World doesn’t carry themes)
  • Over 5,000 Apps which can be browsed by category, top free, top paid, and new
  • Great everyday prices: app are priced as low as $0.99 versus App World minimum price of $2.99
  • Fast pay with credit card — eliminates the need for a Paypal account (we will be adding Paypal mobile soon)
  • Dedicated customer service – to ensure complete customer satisfaction
  • Automatic version-tracking – instant update for every app on the user phone
  • Superior performance (screen loads and user interface)

Check it out!


To celebrate the launch of the App Store we have created a grand-opening sale with 20% off all software from June 3 through June 14. Coupon code is “APPSTORE” only usable from within the AppStore client.

In addition, during the first week of the launch we have lined up an amazing set of Deal-of-the-Day products which, as noted above, will be offered for 50% off. These products include Real iBerry Blocks, Ace Email Viewer, Solitaire Buddy Gold, VibAndRing, Aerize Email Alerts, EasyTip, Empower Work Folders, TaskMaster, and Aerize Card Loader among others.


Use your BlackBerry Storm as a level or ruler


This is a full review of an app called Storm Level Pro, made by Mobigloo. The point of Storm Level Pro is to transform your Storm into a fully functioning level and/or ruler, by using its accelerometer for accuracy. Interesting, right? Let’s do the break down; features include:

  • Calibration for maximum accuracy.
  • Level for both vertical and horizontal measures.
  • Automatically adjusts to portrait and landscape modes.
  • Includes two rulers, inches and centimeters.
  • Upon the Storm Level Pro’s first touchdown, on the device, installation is noticeably easy and complete, without any additional setting changes. You are instantly prompted to calibrate your device, which is done by simply finding a perfectly flat and level surface (ie a wall) and pressing the “calibrate” button on the screen. Once calibrated, your device is ready to be used as a level and/or ruler.
    Click through to read more about Storm Level Pro for the BlackBerry Storm

    e-Mobile Today Professional BlackBerry Storm Edition (v.1.2) Reviewed!


    Many of you may remember that I reviewed e-Mobile Today and e-Mobile Today Professional Edition roughly a month ago. Well, E-Mobile Software Inc. has come out with a special Storm Edition of their popular e-Mobile Today software, which comes in two versions: standard and professional. The features found in each version are more or less the same on other device versions, but I really liked the professional edition last time around so I decided to take a closer look at the same edition made specifically for the storm.

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