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10 Amazing Apps That Should Be On BlackBerry 10



Recently, BlackBerry announced more partners that will be coming to the BlackBerry 10 ecosystem. Given this list, we’ve been thinking about some of the great apps that exist on other platforms that we’d like to see on BlackBerry 10. We’ve omitted the obvious guys like Netflix and Instagram, to focus on some other key apps. What would you like to see?
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Coming Soon to BlackBerry 10: Bad Piggies, Sina Weibo, Banking and More


If BlackBerry is really going to nail the consumer market, it has to get all the right apps in place. To do this, BlackBerry will have to use a combination of growing its user base, making development easier and going as far as paying for certain apps. It seems this strategy is well underway. Hit the jump to see what apps are coming to BlackBerry 10.
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Hype Machine Releases Native BlackBerry 10 App Ahead of Android



Hype Machine is a really cool music discovery service that has released a BlackBerry 10 app ahead of Android. The app allows you to discover music in a unique way. The analogy I often use is that while Pandora and iTunes uses algorithms to determine what songs you might like, Hype Machine uses people. Hype Machine has a long list of trusted music blogs and tastemakers from which they take music recommendations. This makes Hype Machine a unique music discovery method. You’re bound to find something cool that you’ve never heard of.

Download Hype Machine for BlackBerry 10 at this link.

Productivity Tool Viira Goes Version 5.2 for BlackBerry 10


One of the more interesting questions around BlackBerry 10 apps was the question of how many legacy BlackBerry developers would make the journey to BlackBerry 10. Viira is one of most popular productivity apps for legacy devices and the developer has taken the app to BlackBerry 10 with version 5.2. There are tons of features that allow you to set tasks and generally Get Things Done.
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Aerize Loader for BlackBerry 4, 5, 6, and 7 Updated to Version


Legacy BlackBerry devices have a strange longevity to them. One of the biggest problems with the Legacy BlackBerry OSes is that they can only load so many apps before experiencing a big performance drop or running out of app memory. Continue reading ‘Aerize Loader for BlackBerry 4, 5, 6, and 7 Updated to Version′

Inside Apps Notifier: The Easiest Way To Monitor the App Store



Apps Notifier is an iOS tool that helps you track apps, vendors and keywords in the App Store. For consumers, this means that you can track your favorite apps for price drops, look for sales, and get notified when your favorite devs launch a new app. For developers and marketers this means you can keep track of the competition. Lawyers can even watch the App Store for trademark infringement.

Check out this article to see what Apps Notifier can do.