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Cool app! Mobile Speech to Speech Arabic Translator for BlackBerry


This might be one of the most incredible applications I have seen to date for BlackBerry. Sakhr Software have created an application called Mobile Speech to Speech Arabic Translator for BlackBerry, that does exactly what the name says. Check out the above YouTube clip for a demonstration.

The Spoken Translator makes communication between English and Arabic speakers easy with the following features:

1. Users freely speak English or Arabic sentences into their BlackBerry.
2. Users see the translation displayed in Arabic and English script.
3. Users can hear the translation played out loud.

The application uses a technology developed by Sakhr called natural language processing (NLP) technology. The app has far-reaching implications for business as well as consumers. Enterprise users will be able to communicate with employees in the field who don’t speak English and tourists will be able to navigate Arab countries much more easily.

Sakhr Software has announced it will showcase its Mobile Speech to Speech Arabic Translator for BlackBerry at the LandWarNet Conference in Fort Lauderdale, August 18–20, 2009.


Etisalat releases BlackBerry 8700g with Arabic language support


Arabic BlackBerry 8700UAE carrier Etisalat recently announced a new BlackBerry 8700 featuring full-blown Arabic language support, primarily through a new keypad which enables new text input, but Arabic web browsing is also supported. Language support is huge in getting RIM access to new markets – hopefully other folks in the Middle East will be seeing this device within their borders soon enough.